‘It doesn’t make sense’: Britons react to booster jab travel requirement – ‘excessive’

Boris Johnson discusses booster jabs for international travel

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The booster jab programme will be extended to include people aged 40 and over in time for Christmas. PM Boris Johnson has told the nation Britons will need to “adjust the concept of what constitutes a full vaccination”.

He said: “I think that we will be making plans to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid travel pass.

“But again, I think what the general lesson is for anybody who wants to travel, you can see that getting fully vaccinated with a booster is going to be something that will, on the whole, make your life easier in all kinds of ways including foreign travel.

“So I would just say, if you’re thinking about that, that this is yet another reason to get it done.”

A third dose seems likely to be needed to be considered “full jabbed” for travel.

Which? travel editor Rory Boland, said: “This issue has some urgency as other countries have already introduced the requirement to have had a booster jab as they limit the validity of vaccines.

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“But with UK residents currently unable to provide evidence that they have done so, they risk being turned away from the plane on their next trip.

“Until booster jabs are added to vaccine certificates on the NHS app, you should carefully check the requirements of the country you’re planning on visiting before booking.

“Booking a package holiday with a tour provider that has a good flexible booking policy will help protect your money if restrictions change at the last minute.”

Britons’ reaction to the news was mainly dismay.

On Twitter, Professor Karol Sikora, CMO of Rutherford Health plc said: “Will the double vaccinated who choose not to take a third dose be unable to participate in international travel and potentially other parts of society?

“It sounds like it. Even if they’ve had a natural infection too? It doesn’t make sense.”

And fellow Britons commented in their numbers.

Twitter user CherryPie said: “People aren’t threatened with having their freedoms removed if they don’t have the flu vaccine.

“I will probably end up getting the booster, even though I’ve also had COVID after being jabbed, but the reason will be so I can travel.”

Joey wrote: “No one, no matter what their vaccine status, should potentially be denied access to any part of society.”

Wyle Coyote said: “Where do we draw the line? Whilst I understood that the vaccine in two doses would give full protection. I thought I was doing my part?

“We are now being coerced and I still have to the lateral flow tests for work. It is all irrational and excessive.”

Some Britons wondered how many boosters they will need.

Sarah walker said: “Even if we do accept third jab holiday bribe, will the immunity protection last until summer hols next year or will we be on number 4 or 5 by then?”

And user abbrdon wrote: “I’ll skip the next few boosters and have the tenth that’ll be forced on us in about a year’s time.”

Sheilagh O’Gorman, however, was mainly worried about proving she already had her third jab: “I tried to get written pass yesterday with my third booster shot and date after Nov 1st for scanning so that I can travel. I was told it was currently being worked on and not available yet. And to ring again in several weeks’ time.”

Some Britons were happy about the booster programme.

User iamwaynegilbert said: Happy Tuesday! I’m all set for the third jab tomorrow.”

And AnzennaArtz said: “Had my third jab yesterday and of all the jabs, this one was a bit rough. Glad I’ve had it though. Now I’m safe to fly!”


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