Inside sex tourism as model recalls romps in Greece and Thai massage parlours

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An adult star and OnlyFans model has opened up about the hidden world of sex tourism – and some of the wildest things she’s seen while working abroad.

Monica Huldt, professionally known as Swedish Bella, from Arizona in the United States, has travelled the world as part of her prolific career in sex work and has shared her insights with the Daily Star online.

The OnlyFans star, who posts on Instagram @swedishbella, said: “I would define sex tourism in two categories. The first one is people that go to other countries to explore their sexuality and maybe meet others for pleasure.

“The second one is people that travel to other countries as providers.

“I have not taken part in sex tourism as a customer, but I do consider myself to have taken part of it as a worker. When I shoot for my OnlyFans page I do travel to meet other models to shoot with.”

Monica explained that some countries are epicentres of sex work – like the Netherlands’ red light district or Bangkok in Thailand.

She said: “I have often heard that guys like to go to other countries like for example Thailand to meet women, because it is usually cheaper and guys say that the women are much nicer.

“It is because they have something for everyone. Bangkok is a really big hotspot for sex tourism, they have really nice clubs, massage places and if you're into it lady boys who are really beautiful."

Monica says other destinations are also pulling in frisky tourists.

She explained: “The places I have heard are very popular are Dubai, Germany, Russia, Estonia and Holland.

“I have been to both Germany and Holland. I do think that Germany has a really nice red-light district. The girls are very pretty and well taken care of.

Monica added: “I didn't care so much for Holland, it looked much dirtier and more worn down. But I do recommend Reeperbahn in Germany.”

But, the most bonkers activity she’s seen was in the Mediterranean.

Monica told us: “The wildest thing I have seen when I was traveling would probably be a couple that was next to me on the beach, in the middle of the day having sex.

“Just like that in the open. That was pretty wild. This was in Greece.

“I have also heard about a strip club in Thailand where my friend went, and the girls were putting Christmas lights up their private parts.”

And, the blonde beauty, who became a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans, wants to dispel the idea that only old men enjoy sex tourism.

When asked who she tends to see on sex holidays, Monica said: “I think it can be anyone who wants to explore and try something different.

“I don't think there is a type. I know that a lot of people think that is only overweight, rich, old dudes, but that is not true.

“It can be young guys, women, couples.”

Unfortunately, the model added that there was a dark side to sex tourism though.

Some jet off abroad to fulfil seedy – sometimes illegal and abusive – fantasies they wouldn't get away with at home.

Monica added: “That is the part of sex tourism that I really hate. In some places that is very common sadly enough.”

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