Inside glam £1,000-a-night Sicily hotel where White Lotus season two was filmed

Season one of White Lotus got us hooked on the drama of the rich upper circles in tropical Hawaii – and we couldn’t wait for the latest instalment.

It was finally released this month and we’ve already binged the whole series unable to look away.

This time, Jennifer Coolidge brought us along on her character Tanya’s next holiday at the White Lotus resorts.

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In season two, the rich and selfish enjoyed their time away in gorgeous Sicily.

The island, off the southern coast of Italy, is stunning with a rich history shown in the Valley of the Temples, Greek temples, Byzantine mosaics and the royal chapel in Palermo.

In the east the towering Mount Etna is one of Europe’s most active volcanos which we see plenty of foreshadowing through in the TV show.

But, while Sicily is an exciting and rich island to explore, the guests at the White Lotus spend most of the time at their luxury hotel.

Now, you can too as it seems the show was filmed in a real resort – thankfully not plagued by escorts, fights and terrible consequences.

White Lotus season two used the San Domenico Palace in Taormina as its setting this year.

A Four Seasons Hotel it’s exactly what you’d expect from a hotel popular with the super rich.

The glorious San Domenico Palace offers terraces with gorgeous views of Mount Etna and the Bay of Taormina – which guests can dine on and gaze at the view just as the White Lotus characters did.

There’s also a fitness centre, beauty corner and swimming pool.

Holidaymakers can stay in one of two historic buildings too.

The Garden Wing was once a convent from the 15th century.

While the Grand Hotel Wing was added in the 1890s.

In many scenes from White Lotus we see guests arguing, kissing, dancing and chatting in the bars and restaurants of the hotel.

The eateries are available for those who actually stay at the San Domenico and are mentioned in a number of foodie guides.

Plus, yes, you can tuck into the famous pastries for breakfast just like Tanya, Portia and Ethan.

The hotel is a short walk from the beach so you can go for a dip (watch out for the fancy yachts as you swim).

While staying at the San Domenico Palace you’ll also see many items you recognise from White Lotus from the wooden reception desks to the glam pool umbrellas.

Thankfully, the rooms are decorated in soothing neutral shades with clean linens and luxury finishes… and no creepy statues as far as we can tell.

The hotel is rated as exceptional by reviewers – with an overall score of 9.6 and five-stars.

But, such luxury will set you back a fair whack as the cheapest price we found for a stay was £1,000 a night at the end of the season in November.

During the peak holiday months of April to September the cost ranged from £2,000 a night to a massive £4,300.

If you’re able to shell out for the cost of a stay you can also upgrade your room to have a sea view, plunge pools or even suites with large living spaces.

All rooms have spa baths, ensuites, flat screen TVs, WiFi soundproofing and coffee machines.

Check out the White Lotus… we mean San Domenico Palace on


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