Influencer ‘improvises’ bed at the airport by chaining herself to suitcase

An influencer has shared her top tips for sleeping at the airport during a long layover – and they include some unusual hacks. Not only does she nick the blankets from the plane but she also makes sure her suitcase is safe by strapping it to her.

Travel influencer Sabina, @girlvsglobe, posted a guide to airport sleeping on her TikTok after she experienced a number of extreme delays while on holiday. Many of us have been forced to try and nap on uncomfortable airport benches before so her tips and tricks may come in handy.

Of course, we’d always suggest bringing an eye mask away with you which can double up in case of airport sleeping and bright hotel rooms. Plus, a flight attendant recommended using a white noise machine on holiday – if you take headphones you can use apps to create the same sounds while in the terminal.

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But, Sabina’s tips are a little more unusual and address worries many of us may have when trying to kip in a busy airport. One such concern is about being asleep with your suitcase and bag nearby.

While some airports have lockers you can rent for a short time others you’ll need to keep your personal belongings with you – and that can be worrying when they’re filled with your laptop, phone, passport or jewellery.

Sabina said: "I recommend sleeping near other people because there’s safety in numbers and make sure that you secure your luggage as you’re sleeping because otherwise someone could just come along and take it."

In her case, Sabina’s delay was not expected and so she "improvised" and used her headphones to tether her suitcase to her wrist. She tied one end to the handle of the suitcase and the other around her hand so that if someone tried to take the bag she would be woken up by the tugging.

We’d recommend taking a lockable security rope – they cost around £9 online – if you’re planning on having a long layover in the airport. This will likely be more secure and you can tie your case to your trousers.

Comfort is another aspect travellers worry about when sleeping at the airport. Staying warm and finding somewhere nice to sleep aren’t exactly easy in the large terminals.

Sabina especially struggled as she had to sleep by the luggage carousel as she wasn’t able to pass through security late at night. To get comfortable, the influencer said that she had to sleep on her stomach – because the seating is not ideal because of the arm rests".

The arm rests were not able to be moved up and so Sabina lay underneath them on her stomach because this "allowed [her] to sleep." She also noted that you should wear lots of layers.

Sabina also cheekily said that she had stolen a blanket from her flight to stay warm and comfortable. She commented: "I’m not proud of this, but I did also take this blanket from my flight because it’s the airline’s fault that I’m stuck here for 10 hours."

Finally, the influencer recommended a handy website – – which is a guide to getting some kip on the go. It includes airport reviews, things to do on a layover, looks at the best lounges and shares tips on how to get to sleep.

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