‘I had entire plane and full crew to myself – they threw me a private party’

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    A man got the entire plane and cabin crew to himself when no one showed up after an 18-hour delay.

    Phil Stringer was supposed to get on the 6.20am American Airlines to Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday.

    But the flight was delayed multiple times and he decided to stay at Oklahoma City hoping to catch the first flight out.

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    After a gruelling 18-hour wait, he made it to the boarding gate and realised he got a flight upgrade of a lifetime.

    "I'm the only person on the plane and they have the entire flight crew. They do not want to do this flight," he said in the now-viral TikTok video.

    "It was delayed 18 hours and everyone else gave up."

    Phil felt bad for getting the entire crew to work on the flight just for him.

    But the staff didn't seem to mind much and they pulled up entertainment during the two-hour flight for Phil.

    Sitting at the front row, the flight attendant lightened Phil's mood while demonstrating the safety procedures with dance moves.

    Other crew members can be seen sitting at the back and relaxing before takeoff.

    The "VIP" passenger was given first-class food and drink services from them.

    "I believe that your attitude determines your destination," he told New York Post.

    "Yeah it was a sucky day. No one wants to stay in the airport for 18 hours, but if you have a positive view, you can turn something into a lot of fun."

    Viewers called it a dream upgrade Phil could have had — no toilet queues, unlimited food and drinks.

    "This would be the best flight of my entire life!" one imagined and another said: "This happened to me and one other guy during the pandemic!

    "Our crew was so relaxed, cracking jokes, they loved it and so did we!"

    A third said: "It's like you're having a private Boeing! Living the life!"

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