How to visit crystal clear waters dubbed Australia's best hot springs

Travellers are racing to some remote hot springs dubbed the ‘most beautiful’ in Australia.

Bitter Springs, which are located approximately two kilometres from Mataranka in the Katherine region of Australia’s Northern Territory, are set among palms and tropical woodlands in Elsey National Park.

The area features a series of naturally-fed thermal pools that are the perfect place to relax and unwind, while exploring the surrounding beauty of the national park. 

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Unlike some other swimming holes in the Northern Territory, Bitter Springs is safe to swim in all year round and free to access.

The warm, clear water – which is dappled by light filtered from overhanging palms – is a balmy 30 plus degrees Celsius all year round.  

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Bitter Springs is also situated close to another natural swimming hole, the Mataranka Thermal Pools, also within the national park.

There is a short circuit 1.3 kilometre walk at Bitter Springs that circles through the palms and tropical woodlands in Elsey National Park.

Those who have visited Bitter Springs describe the experience as ‘breathtaking’ and ‘magical’. 

Many compliment the fact that the natural pools have not been landscaped or had concrete edging added.

Stairs are the only concession, making it easy to get in and out of the pools. 

‘We visited Katherine and the Mataranka Springs before visiting Bitter Springs. Mataranka was lovely, but packed and felt very man-made, so we headed to Bitter Springs and had it nearly to ourselves,’ one commenter wrote.

‘Bitter Springs are much more natural, and drifting around you could marvel at the spiders’ creativity, dragonflies buzzing over the water and the waterlilies. It was just beautiful.’

Another added: ‘This is such a magical place.

‘The mineral water is so warm and clear. You start at one end and the current just takes you and you exit out by the foot bridge and off you go again. It’s such a beautiful, serene place.’ 

A third wrote: ‘What an amazing place. This is like something you see on TV. You don’t need to travel out of Australia to enjoy something so magical and beautiful’.  

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