How to get the best hotel rates according to experts

Planning a vacation usually means you need to find a place to stay. And just like airline fares, hotel rates fluctuate based on timing and demand.

a bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room: Two members of Congress are taking aim at resort fees. FOX Business’ Susan Li with more.

Booking the first room you see generally won’t yield the best deal, according to travel experts. You’ll need to put a little work in to get significant savings, which may include sifting through several hotel websites and offers or strategically planning your arrival and departure.

To get insight into the best ways to secure affordable hotel rates, FOX Business consulted two travel experts for their tips and tricks for saving money on your stay.

Change how you search

To get your best hotel rate, experts advise travelers to adjust their online search habits. This can range between comparing competitors and getting a little tech-savvy.

“If you are looking online it’s important that you are either removing cookies, working on a private browser or using someone else’s computer to do preliminary research. Otherwise, the prices will just keep going up each time you check,” said Margot Black, a founder and travel writer at Black Ink Travel Writing.

WATCH: Members of Congress take aim at resort fees

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