Holidays: This is the best time to arrive at a hotel to boost your chances of an upgrade

Hotel stays can see holidaymakers choose to save money by opting for the cheaper rooms on offer. Getting upgraded is, therefore, a real treat that many long for. However, a free upgrade can seem elusive.


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How can travellers boost their chances of bagging one?

A hotel expert spoke to to reveal his top tips.

Hugh Graham-Watson, Managing Director of travel agency The Hotel Guru revealed that one unlikely way to get upgraded to be careful with your timings.

By arriving at a particular hour you might be more likely to find yourself in luck.

If you check in at hotel after most other guests then staff will have a better idea of whether they can facilitate an upgrade.

“There are numerous ways to get a hotel upgrade,” explained Graham-Watson.

“One is to stay in a large hotel for one night only and arrive at around 7pm.

“[This is] when the hotel will have checked in most guests and are able to anticipate whether they’re going to sell the better rooms.”

Graham-Watson’s top tips for getting upgraded don’t stop there.

He also revealed that saying at hotels on certain nights of the week can increase the odds of getting bumped up.

“Stay on a Sunday or Monday night – this also increases your chances,” he said.

A third tip is to use the power of words.


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Those who travel a lot and write reviews can be more likely to get upgraded.

“If it’s the case, indicate that you’re a frequent traveller and that you send in reviews to hotel review sites – that can work,” recommended Graham-Watson.

The expert’s final piece of advice is to carefully examine your room when you first arrive.

If something is wrong with it you might be able to nab an upgrade.

“If you find a fault in your room, report it to reception,” he said.

“This can also help increase your chances of getting an upgrade.”

However, Graham-Watson pointed out that holidaymakers should never request an upgrade before their arrival.

“It will only annoy the reservations staff, particularly as they will not be able to offer anything until the last minute,” he said.

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