Holidays: How to prepare for your next holiday after coronavirus – expert shares top tips

Coronavirus has destroyed the holiday plans of countless Britons. The UK Government is currently advising its citizens to avoid all but essential travel. But when the bans lift and everyone is allowed to travel again – what will it be like? What’s the best way to plan ahead?


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Matt Crate, Managing Director of peer-to-peer currency exchange platform WeSwap, has shared his expert advice on the subject.

This week it was revealed that airlines could hike prices once travel recommences – although Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary predicts the opposite.

So, with so much uncertainty about the future of travel how can you prepare for a holiday after coronavirus?

Firstly, Crate recommends being savvy with how you choose to travel.

“Some flight providers and even water-based options may see an opportunity to book future holidaymakers in now,” he explained.

“Compare your options diligently and be prepared to travel at less desirable times to get a better price.”

It’s also worth putting careful thought into your destination of choice.

Crate said: “Some national carriers will be working with travel boards to make their countries and regions attractive to potential travellers, so there may be deals to be had there.

“Furthermore, there will be a lot of demand for already popular destinations such as Florida or Paris.

“[However] looking further afield to less popular holiday destinations may present more cost-effective options for many families looking to get away once this period has passed.”

Furthermore, the expert recommends beginning your budgeting now to get a head start.

“The travel market is very fluid at the moment, so trying to get the best possible deal for a specific time can be tricky,” explained Crate.


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“However, there are some things that will still be the same.

“Exchanging travel money to Euros or Dollars now, setting hotel and flight budgets or even beginning to budget for your holiday spend would be a great use of time and an incentive to look ahead to your next getaway.”

Finally, Crate advises comparing comparison site to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

“With many of us with extra time on our hands at home, internet window shopping can be very appealing, but a great use of time can be to compare the comparison sites.”

He continued: “There are still great deals to be had when booking in the future, so check out all the sites and even visit the carriers’ websites directly as you could save you hundreds off of your next venture.”

The expert concluded: “In short, there is still lots that holidaymakers can be doing to prepare for their 2020 holidays.

“Just make sure that all holidays booked during this period are protected in case you can’t travel then, but there are still great deals to be had, so spend time doing your research and get ready to travel again!”

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