Holidays: How do you know if an all-inclusive hotel is actually good value or not?

Hotel holidays can mean being thoroughly looked after and pampered by staff. A popular option for holidaymakers is to stay at an all-inclusive hotel. However, when considering this, many jet-setters worry that it might not be good value for money.


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How do you know when all-inclusive hotels are worth it?

Tim Hentschel is co-founder and CEO of hotel deals booking service HotelPlanner which just opened its new Asian Headquarters in Singapore.

The hotel expert exclusively shared his advice with

The key is to consider how much time you’ll spend at the hotel and how much you’ll be consuming.

“It depends on how much you like to go off the resort and how much you drink,” said Tim.

“If the all inclusive is $600 (£521) per day for two people and a hotel of the same quality is $250 (£217) a night, then it comes down to how much you like to drink on vacation.

“For example, breakfast at a resort is typically $60 (£52) for two, lunch is $70 (£61), and dinner is $160 (£139), for a total of $290 (£252).

“Which means going with a room only would save you $60 (£52) a day, plus you can eat outside of the resort anytime you want.

“But if you and your partner drink at least three drinks a day or more, then the all-inclusive is a better deal.”

So if you decide an all-inclusive hotel is for you, what should you look for when choosing the right one for you?

“All-inclusive Resorts usually attract a certain clientele; adults only, family-friendly, couples, young singletons, or environmentalists,” Tim explained to

“Picking an all-inclusive is a bit like picking an ocean cruise.


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“You need to decide if you fit on Disney Cruise or a Royal Caribbean, in all-inclusive resorts there are Resort Brands like; Club Med, Sandals, Beaches, and Dreams Resorts.

“Club Meds and Beaches are family-friendly, Sandals and Dreams are more for adults and couples.

“Once the appropriate resort brands are shortlisted, then I look into their locations.

“Once the list is down to a top-five based on Brand and location, the list can be shortened by flight prices and convenience as well as the resort’s quality ratings, amenities, activities, and reviews compared to price.”

Channel 5 documentary The All-Inclusive – How do they do it? examined the dos and don’ts of staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

Holidaymakers should always check what’s on when in order to plan ahead.

Not doing do so could result in missing out when it comes to eating and activities.

It’s also vital to make sure you on top of timings when it comes to the activities you want to do.

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