Having the third vaccine to be minimum for foreign trips

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Ministers and industry experts say more countries are likely to follow Israel by updating “fully vaccinated” to include a top-up third jab after the compulsory six-month gap. It is unclear how quickly that change would be brought in, but industry insiders told holiday-hungry people to continue to check the Foreign Office website for potential changes. 

Care Minister Gillian Keegan said: “We’re trying to get this balance. It’s two doses for now. But as the vaccine passport concept will evolve there will be ‘if you’ve had your booster’, because it’s probably not going to be good for next summer.”

Travel expert Paul Charles, said: “Countries are looking to ‘de-risk’ entry. It might well end up being that if you want to travel at Christmas, you’ve got to have had the booster.”

No10 said there are “no plans” to change vaccine passports to mean people need three jabs to go abroad.

Fully-jabbed visitors to Austria and Croatia are only allowed to enter within 270 days of their second jab.

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