Greek island rivals Santorini at fraction of the price – with beautiful beaches

Santorini is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations.

The iconic white buildings with blue roofs, crystal blue water and rocky landscape draw in more than two million tourists a year. And as demand is so high, prices can be pretty steep too.

Thankfully, there are ways to get a taste of Greece without breaking the bank. By going off the beaten track, you can enjoy the same gorgeous architecture and coastlines for a fraction of the price.

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Folegandros is a lesser-known location we'd recommend. It's situated between between Paros and Santorini but has unspoiled charm you can't find at the busier Greek islands.

You can expect to pay upwards of £120 per night for a nice hotel in Santorini – but there are plenty of gorgeous places to stay in Folegandros for around £80.

Approximately 750 people live on the island, which is significantly less than Santorini's population of 15,000. The pace of life is definitely slower – but that doesn't mean you'll be short on things to do!

The Aegean gem has plenty of secluded beaches to explore. You can sunbathe with a book in hand or choose to get more adventurous.

Sunrise swimming, scuba diving sessions and yoga on the sand are all activities you can get stuck into. Then after working up a sweat, it's time to unwind.

Evenings spent walking through the traditional villages feel like a real treat. Chora, the capital, was built during the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest Cycladic towns.

Alternatively, check out Kastro – a castle fortress built in Medieval times to protect the island from pirates. Expect stunning views of the coast as everything is located at a high point.

Then you can amble down the paved paths and through Cycladic houses with distinctive blue-shuttered windows. Or visit Pounta Square, a piazza with markets and a cosy atmosphere.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants you can dip into if you want to try Greek salads, freshly-caught seafood or traditional pastries.

Wondering how to get there? As you can imagine, transport links aren't as efficient as those in the busier islands.

But while Folegandros doesn't have its own airport, it isn't too much hassle to visit.

You can easily access the destination by Ferry from Athens and other Cyclades islands – like Santorini. Tickets cost around £40, so it's not too pricey either.

So will you be adding Folegandros to your bucket list? We certainly will!

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