Gran Canaria island has new rules for Brits banning swimwear and public drinking

A popular holiday destination in the Canary Islands has introduced new rules to ensure tourists behave themselves while away.

Mogán, a Spanish island in Gran Canaria, welcomes thousands of excited holidaymakers each year.

It has a number of popular hotspots like Puerto de Mogán – an attractive harbour town with a yellow sand beach and stunning blue waters.

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However, the island also attracts plenty of British stag and hen dos who aren’t best known for their polite behaviour…

Now, Mogán authorities are cracking down on bad behaviour and implementing new rules that could land people with heavy fines.

Firstly drinking in the street will no longer be allowed as well as sleeping in public spaces like on deck chairs or the beach.

Holidaymakers will also not be allowed to dry their swimsuits or towels on balconies – so you’ll have to hang them in the shower instead.

Tourists will not be allowed to be in the street while “partially naked” according to the new restrictions.

This includes going topless – for both men and women – and well as walking around in swimwear.

Brits caught breaking any of the new laws will be slammed with a penalty fine of up to £2,628 (3,000 euros), reports LiverpoolEcho.

A City Hall source told Sur in English: "The proliferation of certain types of behaviour in recent years, such as nudism, wearing nothing but underwear or carrying erotic items in public means that we have to introduce new regulations.

“Public spaces must be preserved as places where people can meet, coexist and enjoy their leisure time while respecting others.”

So, if you’re planning to go on holiday to Mogán be careful not to break the rules!

The Canary Islands aren't the only region of Spain to introduce new laws for tourists.

Spanish officials sparked outrage by enforcing a new“six drinks a day” rulefor all-inclusive holidays at some resorts.

And, 11 restaurants and resorts in the Playa de Palma area of Majorca banned touristsfrom wearing football shirts , novelty street vendor accessories and strapless tops from their grounds.

Plus, Brits in the Vigo area of Mainland Spainface a £640 fineif they pee in the sea or on the beach.

Make sure you research the local rules at your next holiday destination.


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