Google Maps: Users left stunned by schoolgirl pulling shock gesture on Street View

Google Maps Street View is used around the world by people as a way of glimpsing far-flung locations that they are likely to never encounter. However, more recently, the tool has been used by people to find more unusual and bizarre sightings. One viewer was left stunned when they spotted something very unusual.


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A young school girl was spotted pulling a rude gesture at the Street View camera in the West Midlands.

The scene takes place on a suburban road in the small market town of Wednesbury.

The school girl is playing on the road with her scooter and is accompanied by two friends.

She is wearing a primary school pinafore dress with a white polo shirt underneath.

One of the boys she is playing with has a bicycle, while the other appears to be gazing at the bike enviously.

Another school girl with blonde hair, who looks younger, is pictured on the left in red tights.

The children appear to be between the ages of six and ten.

It is the school girl with the brown hair who is the main focus of the scene.

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With her scooter in her left hand, she has her right hand extended up in the air with her middle finger up in plain view.

Little is known of the backstory but it appears to be a cheeky move that took place while the children are playing after school.

It could be that the girl decided to show-off to her friends to gain popularity.

She could have also seen the Google car carrying the camera and thought it was an opportunity to be famous.


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It comes as a Reddit user spotted a man pulling the same rude gesture on Street View recently.

One eagle-eyed viewer was on the hunt in Ohio, USA when they spotted something that shocked them.

The Reddit user posted a photo of the moment to a forum, indicating that the culprit was spotted in Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA.

The scene unfolds on a road, where cars are driving along.

The man appears to be driving a beige car in the image.

He is seen with his window rolled down with his arm extended out the window, holding his middle finger up in the air.

There are two likely scenarios that could explain why the gentleman decided to make the crude gesture.

One could be that he was experiencing road rage or was unimpressed by the Google Car.

The second is that the man could be a jokester, hoping to gain five minutes of fame.

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