Google Maps Street View: Man caught in embarrassing blunder while hiking

Google Maps Street View is one of the best navigation tools there is available where anyone can visit a landmark or even see their home. However while some user’s search the site they also come across some mischievous sightings that are left unanswered.


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That is definitely the case for this scene which takes place in South America while a man and two other people are hiking or walking up hills.

The surroundings look normal and there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.

That is until you look up close and realise one of the men is missing the bottom half of his body.

The other two people in the shot appear to have all their body parts attached but what is unusual is that their faces have not been properly blurred out.

Google takes privacy very seriously and goes to the extent of blurring out number plates and faces to protect people’s identity.

An eagle-eyed Google Maps user captioned the photo: “Let me slowly disappear into the hills.”

One user suggested that the man was wearing camouflage bottoms and so they have been morphed into the grass and been mistaken for land.

Another suggested that this was just an ordinary Google glitch which the man has been caught in.

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However for the man to be caught in the glitch he would’ve had to be moving which some suggested he may have tripped or fallen for Google to create this glitch.

Glitches are extremely common on the site and they can happen very easily as the world is constantly moving.

People are constantly moving, making it even harder for the Google camera to capture still images of people.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 image sets submitted by users, meaning small errors can easily occur.


  • Google Maps: Users left shocked after man is spotted lying in street

Either the man could have been moving or walking away from the shot or like someone suggested, he could have tripped and caused the Google stitching to mess up and cause a glitch.

The stitching then becomes confused and creates what is known as a glitch.

This isn’t the first time a glitch has been caught on Google Maps.

Another scene takes place under the Roosevelt Bridge in America where a woman is sitting on concrete against a bollard that is holding the bridge up.

Posting on Reddit, one eagle-eyed Google Maps user wrote: “Petrified?”

Another wrote: “At first I was afraid.”

Her head appears to be caught or stuck in the concrete while the rest of her body is still sitting down.

The surrounding area looks normal with the public admiring the views.

This is another classic Google glitch that can terrify users until they realise what is actually the case and that these people have been caught in a glitch due to no fault of their own.

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