Glow-in-the-dark SUP yoga on the ocean in Hawaii’s Waikiki beach

Shandelle Battersby manages to stay on board when she tries a fun and potentially wet yoga class in Hawaii

Being asked if you suffer from seasickness is not normally what happens before yoga.

But our evening session with Yoga Floats in Hawaii is no ordinary yoga class — instead of a gym or studio, our group of eight is on the grass at Honolulu’s Ala Moana Beach Park, just north of Waikiki Beach; instead of yoga mats, we’re about to carry 3m-long paddleboards into the calm waters.

Following a pretty sunset, the 30C-plus temperatures of another day in paradise are starting to ease. We’re dressed in a mix of bathing suits and exercise gear and instructor Eryn is running us through the basics of doing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard.

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All eight of us have tried yoga before; most have had a go on a paddleboard — but no one has combined the two. We’re all tourists — like most of Yoga Floats’ customers — and we’ve all signed up for the class to try something unique on our Hawaiian holiday.

The instructions are few — we’re here to have fun and it’s definitely more fun if you fall in, Eryn encourages — and apart from the seasickness query (she has ginger candies and a wrist gadget on offer if you’re a likely suspect), the key seems to be staying as wide and centred on the board as possible to achieve maximum balance.

We carry the boards down to the water on their side. Each has a little anchor which clips to the front or back depending on the wind, and they all have a couple of long LED lights stripped horizontally underneath that change colour with the push of a button. There’s even an option to strobe between all the different colours (“It can be distracting but if you’re into it, I’ll support you,” the instructor, a military staffer by day, jokes).

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