‘Genius’ passenger turns economy seat into private VIP area mid-flight

A holidaymaker was surprised on a recent flight when another passenger took a plane blanket and used it in a rather bizarre way. Giga Vashakidze commented that the tourist had "taken social distancing to the next level at 30,000 feet".

In a video clip uploaded to his page, @vashak27, Giga showed the person sitting in the seat next to him. The passenger was spotted pinning the blanket in the overhead lockers so that it hung down beside them.

Then they draped it over a large pillow that was balanced on the arm rest. With their seat reclined as far back as it would go they were rewarded with privacy and a more comfortable spot to sit in.

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However, the hack did nothing to increase the leg space which still seemed slim for the fellow. Their feet stretched out into the aisle as their knees touched the seat in front of them.

Still, it’ a clever way to hide yourself away while flying. Giga clearly thought it was an interesting way to fly "VIP".

The video taker asked viewers: "Caught my neighbour turning economy class into a VIP section. Has anyone else experienced this on their flight?"

In the comments people were amazed at the strange behaviour. But, many still considered it a clever idea.

One person labelled it "genius" while another agreed: "Omg that’s actually genius".

Others aid it was a “smart” hack and some noted it could work as a “stink shield”. That could be especially handy when you learn what flight attendants do to get revenge on rude passengers.

One social media user added: "Planes should have an option for a curtain to drop down!" It would certainly make getting some sleep easier.

"If that’s allowed that is awesome," commented another fan. But, not everyone was enamoured by the bizarre tactic to get some privacy.

"WTH? Why is the airline allowing this?" one person asked "Nothing surprises me anymore about people," wrote another.

Others argue it could disrupt an emergency evacuation. Yet more said the hack would help the "mile high club [get] new members". Ew.

It’s not the first time someone has tried to modify their seat while on a plane for greater comfort. A woman was slammed on Reddit last year after using a plastic sheet to cover her plane seat while flying.

Unfortunately, it also covered the TV screen of the person behind her. Which caused quite a bit of annoyance.

But, those desperate for a more comfortable way to fly economy could be in luck within the next few years. Air New Zealand has given customers a sneak peek at its Skynest sleeping pods, which can be booked out by economy class customers without them needing to break the bank.

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