Fly365 goes into administration leaving travellers’ plans grounded

An Australian online travel booking agency has gone into voluntary administration, leaving hundreds of travellers in the dark about their holiday plans.

Sydney-based company Fly365 was put in to voluntary administrator on Friday, closing down their website and Facebook page immediately afterwards causing mass confusion among holiday-makers who had paid the company for travel services.

The booking agency’s website is no longer functional, and the app has also been shut down. For customers who have tried to contact the hotline, they are simply met with an automated voice message advising callers that the “Australian contact centre is currently closed.”

Melbourne resident Stevie Somers – who had spent a total of AU$11,000 booking flights to Europe for himself, his partner and their family – was one of hundreds unsure about what will happen to their booking, which was made with Fly365 earlier this month.

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