Flights warning: ‘Danger’ of accepting vouchers over refunds for cancelled trips exposed

Coronavirus has massively disrupted travel and holiday plans of Britons and the health crisis is expected to cause issues further into the future. Consumer and finance expert Sue Hayward warned Britons against accepting holiday vouchers from airlines instead of requesting a full refund. While speaking on Sky News Ms Hayward argued accepting vouchers was dangerous as there was no guarantee you would get all of your money back.

She noted this could be the case if the holiday company falls into administration.

She added that while refunds may take longer than usual due to coronavirus uncertainty, you were more likely to get your money’s worth.

Ms Hayward said: “If you have got it in writing, that they are going to give you a refund, you probably will get it but it is just going to take some time.

“Once again, going through the process and the system it is worth giving them a nudge once in a while with an email or a call.

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“Having said that, you are probably going to end up holding for quite some time in their system.

“The refund should come and I would suggest to anyone in a situation where you have been offered a chance of either rebooking their holiday, taking a voucher or a refund, with a refund you are at least going to get the money.

“With a voucher, there is always the danger that if the holiday company ran into trouble further down the line you may not get the value of the voucher.

“If the company went into administration at some point you wouldn’t get your money back.

“I would always suggest the refund option as you know you have got the money and you can rebook the holiday as and when you want at a future date.”

The finance expert explained how airline and holiday companies were being impacted by the coronavirus and what this would mean for consumers.

Ms Hayward said: “The rules as they stand are under the package travel regulations.

“You should get a refund within 14 days of your holiday being cancelled unless you choose to have a voucher or rebook a holiday.


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“In the real world, they are being inundated, holiday companies, by people asking for refunds.

“They are also, in a lot of cases, trying if possible to get people to accept rebookings or vouchers.

“So while they may have promised a refund they may be rather slow to repay it.”

Ms Hayward claimed that she is also currently experiencing this difficulty as she has struggled to get a hold of an airline during the coronavirus confusion.

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