Flights: Shocking moment flight attendant gets stuck in risqué position

Flight attendants have long hours keeping passengers safe and comfortable on journeys all around the world. Part of their job means dealing with passenger luggage, ensuring everything fits into the overhead lockers.


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However, it seems one flight attendant ended up in over her head when she found herself ‘stuck’ headfirst in an overhead locker.

The moment was caught on camera and has been shared to various Instagram accounts, including @godzdntide.

The original owner of the image has yet to be found, so little is known about the back story to the incident.

The image shows an empty economy cabin with all of the overhead lockers open.

They appear to be empty except for, surpassingly, the cabin crew member.

Dressed in a black uniform, with red detailing, and a pair of black, stiletto style heels, the cabin crew member is caught in quite a predicament,

She appears to be stuck, head-first in the overhead locker.

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Her lower half is hanging out of the locker, with her skirt closely skimming her backside.

One wrong move and she could be in quite a risqué situation.

Was the cabin crew member in the middle of obtaining a missing bag when she got stuck? Or perhaps she is pulling a prank specifically for the photographic value.

Some users think they have uncovered the prank, suggesting this isn’t really a person.


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One commenter wrote: “There’s no upper body there!”

Someone else said that she is simply “stuck”, while another suggested that she is perhaps “hiding from someone”.

One joker pointed out: “I feel she does not fit in there.”

Whether the image is a joke or is the depiction of an unfortunate scenario is yet to be seen.

It’s the second piece of media showing a flight attendant at work to go viral this week.

A video captured by a passenger on another flight showed the moment a cabin crew member attempted to continue the snack service amid a violent bout of turbulence.

The Southwest Airlines Cabin Crew member was seen throwing snacks to the passengers in their seats as the plane bounced through the air.

It seems the crew member was trying to add a little humour to what can sometimes be a scary situation for passengers.

“Hopefully it will get all the way to the back,” she says into the phone, “with a little help from our captain.

As the snacks head to the back of the plane she urges passengers to help one another out.

“Good job, keep passing them back – we’ve got kids in the back of the plane,” she says.

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