Flights: Plane passengers horrified by woman’s ‘selfish’ move on airport floor in photo

Flights and travel can undeniably make for exhausting experiences. People often go to great lengths to get comfortable on a plane or at the airport. However, common decency would say that your behaviour shouldn’t impact others too much.


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Sadly this isn’t always the case and the actions of some plane passengers can outrage other fliers.

One woman was spotted doing something particularly objectionable on an airport floor.

Her deed was shared on social media by Instagram account travelcreeps.

It showed the female passenger as she appeared to wait for her flight at the airport.

She looks to be waiting at a gate surrounded by other travellers.

However, while everyone else either stands or sits on a chair – she has chosen to eschew general etiquette.

Instead, the woman has opted to lie stretched out on the floor.

She appears relaxed as she crosses her ankles and keeps her hands in her pockets.

However, what angered Instagram users was where she’d chosen to position herself.

The woman is lying right next to two seats.

Consequently, she is blocking them from being used by other fliers.

What’s more, her feet look to be sticking out into the aisle, possibly serving as a trip hazard.


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The move has been slammed as “selfish” by viewers.

Travelcreeps Instagram account captioned the photo: “‘Becky, 24 yr old ‘influencer’ takes a moment to reflect and enjoy the stares she’s getting from her followers by selfishly taking up two seats’ – anonymous.”

Social media users have been quick to share their thoughts on the snap.

“That’s when I use Becky as a foot rest,” one quipped.

“There is so much wrong w this picture (sic),” another said.

A third commented: “2 seats AND she got her feet occupying common space needed to navigate between the dif seating rows. I can only hope s/one CRANKS her ankle w/ a heavy & or sharp carry-on trying to walk by her attention seeking display (sic).”

However, some Instagram viewers empathised with the woman.

“I remember sleeping on the floor at San Fran during a 12 f***ing hour lay over … Jesus Christ,” one person wrote.

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