Flights: Passengers forced to watch man pick dead skin off his feet in horrifying clip

One passenger began recording from his mobile phone after he saw a man beginning to pick at his feet before pulling off a thin layer of skin. The camera even catches the passenger swapping hands to get a tighter, more secure grip on the piece of flailing skin.


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The clip ends before we know what the man did with the skin, but presumably, this was then flicked onto the cabin floor.

A fellow passenger was seen sitting just a metre from the gentleman who had his feet pointing in her direction.

Footage of the incident was shared on Instagram under the account Passenger Shaming and has since been viewed almost 400,000 times.

The clip was so shocking one social media user said she wanted to look away but couldn’t.

One person wrote: “I’ve never seen anything like these posts in my life (and I used to travel almost 200 days a year).

“I am both disgusted and outraged by the behaviour of these people. I want to look away but I cannot.”

Another social media user said he couldn’t watch the clip.

They penned: “When you’re so bored you resort to the lowest of the low….”

One user even joked watching the clip was giving them post-traumatic stress while another challenged those that viewed clip to watch it without gagging.

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A fellow Instagram user commented: “I think we’ve reached a point where we can’t trust humans to act civil.  

“There should be some rules of conduct! Like at a gym or yoga.”

In a health and safety shoutout, one user said the clip demonstrated why wipes were needed to disinfect everything on her next journey.

The clip does not reveal the identity of the airline involved or the man involved in the film.


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There is no law against picking your feet on a plane which means many passengers feel as though they can get away with it.

Social media users were split on whether they would say something in the situation to avoid getting involved for fear of coming across as rude.

One user exclaimed: “How do folks not call these people out,” while another commented: “I’d have to say something! That’s disgusting.”

This footage is not the first time clips of people picking dead skin off their toes has been shared online.

The Instagram account @PassengerShaming released another clip late last year which showed a gentleman hacking at his feet to remove the dead skin.

The man uses his little finger to scrape dead skin shavings from his heel onto the seat of the airplane.

Passenger Shaming also released footage of a woman picking skin off her feet during a plane journey in November.

The page has previously posted photos of people stretching their bare feet onto a nearby headrest or scratching their toes in front of fellow passengers. 

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