Flights: Passengers demand ‘no fly list’ for woman after ‘embarrassing’ public display

Travelling on long-haul journeys can be long and arduous, particularly for those who find themselves with a bothersome seatmate. The behaviour of one such passenger caused outrage amongst travellers, some of whom dubbed her decision as an “embarrassing one”.


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The moment was captured on camera by a passenger on the same flight as the enthusiastic traveller and later posted to Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

Perhaps in a bid to cure her own boredom, or maybe just for social media clout, the young woman made a bold decision to have the spotlight shone on her in the public place.

The scene unfolded in what appears to be the economy cabin of a plane.

Rows of passengers sit in the dark cabin as they travel to their destination, some of them could be relaxing or maybe even sleeping.

However, one passenger is certainly feeling energetic.

The blonde female can be seen stood in the centre of the aisle facing her fellow fliers, a look of enthusiasm on her face.

Dressed in black from head-to-toe, the woman burst into a dance routine which she clearly knows well.

According to the comments, it is something from a social media trend sweeping the video platform TikTok in which users learn dance routines and perform them on camera.

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In this instance, though, the dancer appears to be using it as a form of entertainment for the people she is sharing the cabin with.

Although the young woman appears to be enjoying herself, it seems others don’t see the fun side of her actions.

One user commented: “I have secondhand embarrassment.”

A second questioned: “How is she not embarrassed to do that?


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Another demanded: “She should be placed on the no-fly list.”

This was backed up by comments suggesting the woman should be “offloaded”.

“Just imagine sitting in a super uncomfortable chair and being forced to watch this,” one traveller said.

“You really need to have a certain level of confidence to do some s**t like this,” pointed out one Instagram user.

Meanwhile, a fuming user suggested that not only is the behaviour annoying, it is also unsafe.

“This isn’t even funny anymore,” they raged.

“Who encourages this? And more importantly why is this sort of moronic, self-important, and shameless attention whoring tolerated?! Pleasure yourself in the safety and comfort of your own bedroom like a civilised human being.”

Indeed, her display may not have been for everyone.

However, there were people who saw the joy in the moment.

A supportive traveller said: “She is just having fun.”

Another went so far as to say: “I’d take this over feet, vomiting, crying babies, screaming kids, and people who leave the shades down any day lol.”

Little is known about whether the dancer made this for a social media post or was simply using the long journey as a way to practise her moves, but it’s certainly encouraged a discussion amongst viewers if nothing else.

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