Flight attendant’s hack keeps clothes smelling fresh and clean all holiday

Packing ahead of a flight can be stressful when you need to limit your liquids, remember what not to bring and keep your items under a certain weight.

But, there’s a whole host of packing tips out there that may be useful for you.

Whether you include an extension cord in your bag to prevent needing multiple adaptors or you choose to stuff a pillow case with extra clothes, there are plenty of clever travel hacks to make life easier.

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But, nobody knows more about packing efficiently that the crews who work on board flights themselves.

And, a new flight attendant asked their fellow colleagues on Reddit what their top tips would be for a newbie.

And, one flight attendant shared her easy way to keep packing small and… smelling fresh.

The cabin crew member wrote: “I wish I had known packing tricks when I first started. I’ve found I now never leave without clothing for cold, hot, and mild temperatures.

“I also LOVE vacuum-less vacuum seal bags. Put clothing in it, roll the air out, throw it in my suitcase.”

They continued: “Not only does it make items take up less room (so I can add more) but it also keeps everything dry if I get stuck in rain or snow waiting for the van.

“I also throw a dryer sheet in each bag so it keeps everything smelling fresh even if I end up rewearing something.”


What’s your top packing tip? Tell us in the comments section…


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