Flight attendant shares tip to get good night’s sleep at a hotel – ‘grab a hanger’

Simon Calder outlines five tips for booking a staycation online

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Hotels are often comfortable but it can be difficult to get to sleep in a new environment. Hotel curtains could be the reason guests struggle to sleep.

Sometimes hotel curtains don’t meet in the middle and let in a lot of sunlight which could disrupt sleep.

Flight attendant @thevictorialeighproject shared her top tip to get a good night’s sleep at a hotel on TikTok.

She said: “If you’re at a hotel and your curtains don’t close all the way, here’s a trick.

“Go into your closet and grab one of the pants (trousers) hangers. Take one side of the curtain and drape it over the other.

“Clip both sides of the pants hanger in place. No more light.”

In the video, Victoria clips the curtain together using a coat hanger for trousers and blocks out any sunlight.

To use this trick, guests would need a trouser hanger which most hotels are likely to have in the wardrobe.

However, some hotels fix hangers onto the rail which would make it impossible to use the trick.

One commenter on TikTok said: “Solid gold tip. Why do the curtains never completely shut?”

Victoria responded: “I have no idea! But it’s super annoying when it happens.”

One traveller shared their own tip, saying: “I use a big claw hair clip but that’s a good one!”

A huge hair clip could also keep a hotel’s curtains closed but it might not work if the curtains are particularly heavy.

Most hotels have floor length curtains which can be a lot heavier than ones in an average household.

Another commenter said: “This is a great tip, thank you. I will try that at the next hotel I stay at.”

Flight attendants are hotel experts as they often stay away from home if they’re working a long-haul schedule.

Another flight attendant shared a top tip for tourists staying in hotels. They said passengers should always look through the peephole before opening the door.

While most hotels have security teams, it’s always best to err on the side of caution on a holiday.

Many Britons are eager to get away on a summer holiday now that the majority of travel restrictions have been lifted.

Britons no longer need to take any Covid travel tests or fill out a passenger locator form when they return to the UK.

British tourists should check the Covid travel restrictions for their destination before booking a holiday.

Covid travel rules and restrictions can change rapidly and with little notice.

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