Flight attendant shares ‘how to ask’ for free food and drinks – ‘I’d give prosecco bottle’

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Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz shared with Express.co.uk some of the best ways to get things for free on board the plane and how to ask for them. According to the crew member, the “most effective one” is to say that “today is a special occasion”.

Miguel said: “There are many ways to get free things on board.

“But I think the best one to use is the ‘birthday, honeymoon, or anniversary method’.

“Many people come to us and say they are celebrating something and you can tell they are only saying it because they want something for free.

“It may be true or they could be lying but if the crew is nice they would normally give you freebies.”

The flight attendant explained exactly what passengers should say.

Miguel revealed: “Just come to the galley to say hello.

“Maybe it’s better when we are already in the air.

“And explain to us what you are celebrating.

“It could be you or your partner’s birthday, your honeymoon, an anniversary or that you just got engaged.

“It’s definitely a good way to get freebies.”

Miguel warned, however, that “it may not always work”.

“Some crew, especially if there is a strict cabin chief in charge that day, may not give you anything.

“I personally always prepare a nice tray with a couple of plastic glasses, a small bottle of prosecco and I place a napkin around the bottle to make it look nicer.

“People love it,” Miguel said.

The flight attendant also explained he tends to give free food and drinks when passengers are upset.

He said: “When a passenger is very unhappy because they wanted to buy a ham and cheese toastie, for example, and we don’t have any left I would always give them something else for free.”

However, he stated this is only if the passengers are nice.

The crew member explained that if they have been rude or disrespectful in some way, he “would never give them anything”.

“Also, those passengers who have helped us somehow.

“Like changing seats so a family can sit together etc, I would also offer them complimentary tea or coffee,” Miguel explained.

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