Flight attendant shares ‘genius’ hack to escape overweight baggage fees on flight

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Baggage allowances can be really tight for travellers and particularly for those flying on a low cost airline. If tourists refuse to pay for excess luggage, they could be blocked from their flight.

One flight attendant has shared a “game changer” hack to escape paying for excess baggage and avoid leaving anything behind.

Flight attendant, Kat Kamalani, said the hack works best for holidaymakers travelling back after a holiday.

She said: “This hack will save you if you ever have baggage that is overweight while travelling.

“This hack works the best when you’re travelling home from vacation.”

It might seem counterintuitive but Kamalani’s hack involves packing an extra item when going on holiday.

She said: “You always want to carry a pillowcase in your bag because if your bags are overweight you can stuff your pillowcase full of clothes and use it as a pillow on the aircraft.

“This is seriously a game changer to avoid those fees for overweight bags.”

In her TikTok video, Kamalani demonstrated stuffing loads of clothes into an empty pillowcase before boarding.

One commenter, jennir28, said: “This is genius! Will it count as a personal item?”

Kamalani assured them the pillowcase would not be counted as a personal item of baggage onboard.

Another commenter, ashleigh-brei, said: “TSA told me I had the heaviest pillow! I said sir, it’s clothes, mind ya business. I got the one with a zipper.”

Lopezfamilyadventurelo0 agreed saying: “Yes! Took zippered pillow case filled with our beach towels that I ran out of room for and travel blankets. Used both ways, does not count as personal!”

TikToker Bengals-97 was less impressed with the hack saying: “Great just what I want. Person next to me with a dirty clothes pillow, nice smell lol.”

The hack could be a lifesaver for tourists who like to travel with lots of different outfit options or souvenir fans.

The cheapest seats on budget airline, easyJet, only allow passengers to bring one small carry-on bag which has to fit under the seat in front.

If passengers want to use the overhead lockers for a larger bag they will need to pay extra to book it.

Most airlines state that if a customer’s bag is overweight, they may have to check it in the hold at their own expense.

If a customer’s checked bag is overweight, they will need to pay a fee which can be very expensive.

If a traveller’s bags are seriously overweight, it’s normally cheaper to pay for the extra luggage before arriving at the airport.

Another option is to switch out some luggage with a travelling companion if they have space in their case.

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