Flight attendant shares 3 ‘genius’ methods to sneak extra bag on board

Most low-cost airlines in Europe have very strict luggage policies and will make passengers pay extra at the gate if they don’t comply with them. easyJet, for instance, only allows travellers to bring one small cabin bag per person “that needs to fit under the seat in front of you”. If passengers want to carry a cabin suitcase, they will have to pay a fee starting at £5.99, depending on the airport and destination. However, there are three clever ways to avoid this, a flight attendant told Express.co.uk.

Use a pillowcase to carry extra clothes

One of the most popular hacks is using a pillowcase to carry clothes and other items that don’t fit in the hold or cabin luggage.

However, passengers will have to carry the “fake pillow” around the airport and on the aircraft.

Many people have shared videos documenting the trick on social media and said that security officers “don’t say anything”.

Similarly, the flight attendants or gate agents won’t realise, as passengers are allowed to carry a pillow and it doesn’t count as a piece of luggage.

A TikTok user said: “I did it on two transatlantic flights and it worked,” and another one commented: “It certainly seems genius to me!”

Use a duty-free bag to carry your belongings

Using a duty-free shopping bag is a clever trick passengers can use to sneak an extra bag on board.

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz explained that “duty-free bags don’t count as carry-on baggage” and they can be filled with the passengers’ belongings.

The crew member said: “If you have something that doesn’t fit in your suitcase or you want to bring an extra bag on board, here’s the trick.

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“All you have to do is carry a duty-free bag. Or ask for one at the duty-free shop and you place whatever you want in the shopping bag.

“There is obviously limited space, but at least you are bringing an extra bag on the plane with you.

“Now you know. If you ever find yourself in that situation, just put whatever you want in a duty-free bag. You are welcome!”

Miguel admitted he uses this hack when travelling with low-cost airlines that have very strict luggage policies: “I know the trick because I always do this when I fly as a passenger.

“And when I see people coming on board with a duty-free bag that looks very full I always assume they are using it for this purpose as they are obviously not carrying just one perfume or bottle of wine. But a lot of crew don’t know this and most won’t realise.

“If you come on board with one piece of luggage, which you are allowed to, and a duty-free bag with some of your belongings, no one will say anything. It’s easier to carry a duty-free bag than a pillowcase around the airport!” he added.

Use your own clothes to carry extra items

A travel expert explained on his travel blog Handluggageonly that being prepared to wear extra layers of clothes is a way to avoid paying excess baggage charges at the airport.

He explained: “Pack all the clothes you need in your backpack but if that person checking you in for your flight turns around and says anything about your bag being overweight and tries to charge you the excess baggage fare, simply pop over to the bathroom and wear as many clothes as possible.”

He said that as soon as travellers get on board, they can go back to their original outfit and get rid of the 10 extra layers.

“Technically, no one can say anything about the fact that you just wore your extra clothes on you instead of having them in your luggage and more importantly – they can’t charge you the extra fare as your bag weight should be much more in line,” he commented.

The travel guru added that this is “a great way to carry that heavy coat or leather jacket” as well as other items such as toiletries which passengers can place in their pockets.

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