‘Fantastic news’: £300M attraction with three theme parks coming to Blackpool

Bargain Loving Brits By The Sea: Brits on Blackpool's appeal

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The UK is getting a range of new attractions in the years to come. Kent will be the home of London Resort and Manchester the home of a new Therme water park.

Blackpool will have a new attraction in the coming years.

Blackpool Central will be a world-class leisure development on the Central Station site, just off the famous Golden Mile.

The new attraction includes a multi storey car park and a new Heritage Quarter.

Restoring the existing heritage buildings of Blackpool, an ambition plan was laid out.

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On the Blackpool Council’s website, the entire plans were laid out.

“The Grade II Listed former King Edward VII Picture House will be transformed into a new ‘Artisan Food Hall’, which spills out onto new outdoor space for ‘al fresco’ dining.

“The locally listed King Edward VII pub will be refurbished into a new pub and hotel, creating a modern, family friendly environment offering quality food and beverages.

“The King Edward VII apartment building will be renovated into a high-quality ‘Aparthotel’ keeping its original character.”

There will also be a public events square for live entertainment, three indoors theme parks, restaurants, hotels and leisure and hospitality spaces.

The new attraction has a lot of local support, with a public consultation getting 90 percent support.

Some of the attractions Blackpool locals and visitors can look forward to include virtual reality experiences.

There will also be a Flying Theatre, themed bar and restaurant Alien Diner, complete with effects show and organic food and a multi-media fantasy exhibition.

One of the theme parks will be Adventure Land.

Rope courses, adventure trails, jump challenges and climbing walls are all part of the plans.

A Thrill and Gaming Zone will also be included, with arcade games, bounce park, a laser tag arena and more.

The car park and Heritage Quarter are part of the first phase for the new Blackpool attraction.

There are currently no dates for the second phase.

Norbert Reichart, chief executive at Media Invest Entertainment, the company behind the attraction, said: “This decision is fantastic news for the rejuvenation of the town.

“Blackpool is the undisputed entertainment capital of the UK and our scheme will help cement the town as a must-visit year-round destination for generations to come.”
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