‘Fantastic’ National Trust hotspot is ‘brimming with colour’ in autumn

Ready to hear the crunch of autumn leaves? Luckily, the National Trust has shared some of its top properties to visit this season.

While there are many gorgeous destinations to see autumn colours around the globe, the National Trust is encouraging Britons to enjoy the season right here at home.

Autumn colours are likely to erupt first in Scotland, where temperatures drop quickest, and then cascade through the UK from north east England to south east England.

Andy Jasper, head of gardens and parkland at the National Trust, said: “This year’s wet summer weather has helped buck the trend of recent dry summers, so our plants and trees finally had a chance to hydrate and are now gearing up for a dazzling show of reds, ambers, yellows and browns this autumn.”

One of this year’s best autumn National Trust properties is Cragside, Britain’s original smart home, in Northumberland.

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A pioneering home, Cragside was packed with Victorian gadgets for efficient modern living. From man-made lakes to tumbling waterfalls, owner Lord Armstrong created a fantasy like paradise with his wife.

Peter Edge, head gardener at Cragside, said: “What we are looking for in autumn colour is sunny days and a middle temperature, cold enough to trigger the colour changing process but not frosty so the trees drop the leaves too early.

“While this year has been rather difficult so far, especially the hot weather in June when most of the planting is usually done and the cooler July and August when the plants establish, the displays in our garden are now on full display and our Victorian garden is brimming with colour.

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“By visiting our Autumn Colour walk and our rock garden, visitors are given the opportunity to take a portal to an Eastern Asian autumn, as Snakebark maples impress with their rich orange hues, and the Liquidambar, the North American sweet gumtree, offers a beautiful interplay of red and bronze leaves.

“These look particularly dramatic against the dark, evergreen towering conifers as a backdrop, which are some of the tallest in the country. The contrast of colours and mix of arboreal smells makes our gardens a memorable experience for all senses in autumn.”

Visitor ‘uLesleyC’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “There is so much to do. We will definitely be back for a whole day. The house is fantastic with lots of items to view.”

‘jpdwilli’ said: “A wonderful house with amazing gardens. The house isn’t that big but the grounds, they go on for miles and you could easily spend days just walking the path.”

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