Fans roast tourist who didn’t realise Benidorm nude beach is from iconic TV show

A tourist has been roasted by Benidorm fans after sharing directions to the "hidden" nudist beach used in the sitcom.

Sam, who posts online under the username @samayotheory, shared a video documenting her walk to the nudist cove Racó del Conill in Benidorm.

The beach is believed to have been the site of an iconic scene in the sitcom Benidorm, where Kenneth takes an unsuspecting Gavin to visit.

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The video, which has gained more than 23,000 likes, was titled: "How to find the 'hidden' beach in BENIDORM."

The clip started with a woman's hand pointing to a cove in the distance before it cut to a clip of her hand, again, pointing at an easily missed trail off the side of a road.

It continues to show the camera following the woman along a narrow footpath and down a dirt trail before finally making it to the "hidden beach."

However, fans of the sitcom Benidorm took to the comments on TikTok to let the lass know that it's "no secret" as they've seen it in an episode of the show – with some pointing out that it is a "nudist beach."

One user said: "If you've watched Benidorm you know!! It's no secret."

Another commented: "This is a nudist beach on the program Benidorm."

A third wrote: "It’s not hidden, Kenneth took Gavin there years ago."

"I am too obsessed with Benidorm istg," a fourth said. [sic]

Others questioned how the iconic character Madge managed to make it to the beach in the show as she is known for using her mobility scooter to get around.

A user asked: "How’s Madge getting there?"

The nudist beach used in the series is said to be Racó del Conill – a 20-minute drive from the centre of Benidorm.

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A helpful TripAdvisor user explained that it is "is behind the Casino on the road to Vila Joyosa."

They added: "It's a long walk (or taxi unless you have a car). You can also walk to it, over the hill at La Cala (the hill with the outpost on top).

"But again its a long walk, take plenty of water. By the way, it's mixed nudist there, not strictly Gay or straight."


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