Family travel: How to save money on family holidays

Just because you have children, it doesn’t mean the holiday fun is over, writes Alexia Santamaria

Once you have a family, international travel changes in so many ways. Different food, different accommodation and often, a very different budget to play with.

It’s a far cry from when it was just two of you lazing on a beach in Thailand in search of the next sunset and cocktail or having dinner in a swanky restaurant in New York.

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It also sometimes means being a bit more canny with your cash as you add one, two, three or more people to the total headcount. Though initially this can seem a bit depressing, it can actually lead to authentic, fun travel as you delve into more local experiences, which can often be more cost-effective.

Here are some of my top tips from travelling with our party of four for more than a decade:

Choose your destination carefully

You may find your money personality prefers an all-inclusive Pacific Island holiday package where you understand all your costs upfront, or you might alternatively like to go somewhere in Asia where the airfares might cost slightly more, but day-to-day expenses like accommodation and food are significantly less.

Go self-catering if you can

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