Family return to hotel room to find towel animal left in a very cheeky position

Towel animals are a quirky hotel tradition, where staff arrange towels to look like animals ranging from monkeys and crocodiles to swans and elephants.

Usually, these are left on the bed – but one family came back to discover that staff had got creative.

Instead of being on the bed, the quirky towel creation was sitting on the toilet, reading a brochure as it prepared to do its business.

Twitter users Mike & Enda, who go by the handle @team_daddy, shared a hilarious snap after their family members came back to quite the surprise.

They wrote: "My sister on holiday with the kids, they had a few cute ‘towel animals’ left on the bed during the week but just came back to this".

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The snap was an instant hit on social media, with thousands of users praising the staff for their "fantastic" and "awesome" efforts in creating the hilarious scene.

To be honest, we're not even sure what animal it's supposed to be (some guesses have included a platypus), but there's no denying that the overall effect definitely makes for a giggle.

However, although admitting it was pretty funny, some Twitter users were unsure about the location, pointing out that a toilet seat isn't the most hygienic of places to put clean towels.

One user wrote: "Funny, but all those towels on the toilet would go right outside our room on the hallway floor. ICK."

Another said: "That's hilarious, I just wouldn't use those towels."

Mike and Enda's photo also prompted other holiday goers to share hilarious photos of the unusual towel animals left on their beds, in all manner of quirky poses.

We're talking animals arranged to look like they're casually lounging on the bed, rocking guests' sunglasses, or even hugging toys left behind by kids in the room.

In some cases, hotel staff have even used stickers to create facial expressions for the towels, just for the extra giggles.

Towel animals have been a tradition in some hotels for years, and there are also some 'classic' offerings such as quirky elephants or friendly crocodiles.

Meanwhile, couples who are celebrating special occasions have been known to come back to their room to find the bed covered in rose petals, with two swan-like creations in the middle with their elongated necks forming a heart shape.

Oh, and with a creative use of a hanger and towels, you can also find some monkeys hanging around in rooms.

(It's not the only nifty way of using a hotel hanger – you can also use them to block out light in your room thanks to a simple yet useful trick).

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