Europe’s rudest road trip route through Twatt, Bendova and Playa de Poo

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    Road trips are growing in popularity as converted vehicles, van life and staycations become lots of people’s holiday of choice. But, while some will simply drive a few hours away to the beach others are looking at far longer journeys.

    After all, blasting the music while eating snacks and driving somewhere beautiful is a real memory maker. But, lots of us who are curious about road trip aren’t sure where to go – and some worry that they will be boring.

    Hilariously, for those who want to punctuate their trip with belly laughs – and have a great story to baffle mates at the pub – there’s a rude name road trip out there. With cheeky places dotted all over the continent, the rude road trip takes drivers across several countries to catch a glimpse of all of Europe's crudest named spots.

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    The amusing road trip will take you across some stunning spaces despite the stopping spots being rudely named. You’ll drive through Italy where you will travel to a beautiful seaside location, which boasts some of Europe's best waters – Piscinias, crudely pronounced ‘piss-in-arse’.

    The UK is also home to some of the worst names, with Brown Willy in England, Three Cocks in Wales and Twatt in Scotland causing giggles from anyone who passes by. Twatt, in Orkney, Is surrounded by rolling green fields and the lashing, clear waters of the Orkney islands where there’s plenty to do from marine animal spotting to hiking and visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Maewhowe chambered tomb.

    You’ll also visit Condom, in France, Clit in Romania and Cunter in Switzerland. The town of Condom is filled with historical sites such as chateaus, abbeys and of course Condon Cathedral and even a little train called the Petit Train de Condom. Meanwhile, Clit in Romania is a small village with just 98 residents while the village of Cunter is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and ski resorts.

    Plus, you’ll see Fugging in Austria which was once named Fu*king until locals were so sick of being mocked that the name was changed. Sign posts in the amusingly named places have even been stolen on multiple occasions – so make sure you leave things as you found them when visiting.

    The road trip starts in gorgeous Scotland and ends in Sweden with holidaymakers having driven through 15 countries – the magical, but chuckle-worthy, trip takes just eight days so it’s simple to fit it into your annual leave.

    The different legs of the journey include:

    • Twatt, Orkney, Scotland to Spunkane, Co. Kerry, Ireland – 18 hours – 1258km
    • Spunkane, Co. Kerry, Ireland to Three Cocks, Wales – 11 hours – 596km
    • Three Cocks, Wales to Brown Willy, Cornwall, England – 4 hours – 326km
    • Brown Willy, Cornwall, England to Playa de Poo, Asturias, Spain – 20 hours – 1441km
    • Playa de Poo, Asturias, Spain to Condom, France – 6 hours – 516km
    • Condom, France to Piscinas, Italy – 19 hours – 1192km
    • Piscinas, Italy to Clit, Romania – 31 hours – 2314km
    • Clit, Romania to Cunter, Switzerland – 19 hour – 1679km
    • Cunter, Switzerland to Rimsting, Germany – 16 hours – 1311km
    • Rimsting, Germany to Fugging, Austria – 1 hour – 56 km
    • Fugging, Austria to Bendova, Czech Republic – 3 hours – 235 km
    • Bendova, Czech Republic to Asse, Belgium – 8 hours – 817km

    • Asse, Belgium to Miiddelfart, Denmark – 9 hours – 849km

    • Middelfart, Denmark to Mora, Sweden – 11 hours – 953km

    In total the road trip covers over 14,800 miles and is estimated to take over 190 hours which has been calculated using the distance to each location if driving non-stop.

    A spokesperson for said: "Those looking for the most eccentric road trip this summer should look no further. We have created the rudest road trip in Europe, which is bound to be the wackiest drive you’ll ever take.

    "From Spunkane in Kerry, Ireland to Condom in France, Europe delivers on providing outrageous locations to give the traditional road trip an extreme edge. With some councils already having to change the names of places deemed offensive, many of these places may soon have to get rid of their quirky names.

    "Stick on your cheesy playlist and visit these crude spots all across Europe – make sure to take a selfie with the rudest signposts for the perfect social media post. Europe’s rudest road trip starts in Scotland and finishes in Sweden; reaching 15 different countries, taking drivers 8 days and covering 14,854 km if driving non-stop."


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