European Union agrees to lift travel restrictions on American tourists

BRUSSELS — The European Union is recommending that member countries start lifting restrictions on tourists from the United States.

EU members agreed Wednesday to add the United States to the list of countries from which restrictions on non-essential travel should be lifted. The move was adopted during a meeting in Brussels of permanent representatives to the 27-nation bloc.

The recommendation is non-binding, and national governments have authority to require test results or vaccination records and to set other entry conditions.

Some EU countries have already started allowing in American visitors.

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In addition to the U.S., the representatives of EU nations added five other countries to the tourist travel list: North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Lebanon and Taiwan. The European Council updates the list based on epidemiological data. It gets reviewed every two weeks.

The representatives also decided to remove a reciprocity clause for the special administrative regions of China Macau and Hong Kong.

The recommendations are expected to be formalized on Friday.

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