Drew Barrymore’s Stunning New Collection of Small Kitchen Appliances Is Available Now at Walmart

If your kitchen could use a stylish (and functional) upgrade this spring, look no further than Drew Barrymore’s new appliance collection, appropriately named Beautiful Kitchenware. Made in collaboration with Made by Gather founder and CEO Shae Hong, the line includes kitchen must-haves, from air fryers to blenders. The best part? Everything is available to shop right now at Walmart.

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The items, including a touch-screen air fryer, programmable coffee maker, high-performance blender, two-slice toaster, air fryer toaster oven, and one-touch electric kettle, all incorporate high-tech features into aesthetically pleasing designs in a stunning sage-green color. And unlike many appliances, these are worthy of displaying on your counter at all times.

If you’re a fan of these gorgeous items, you’re in luck, since cookware and kitchen tools are coming soon. Keep reading for more on the Beautiful Kitchenware collection, available now at Walmart.

To buy: Six-quart Touch-screen Air Fryer, walmart.com, $89

To buy: 14-cup Programmable Touch-screen Coffee Maker, walmart.com, $59

To buy: High-performance Touch-screen Blender, walmart.com, $59

To buy: Two-slice Touch-screen Toaster, walmart.com, $40

To buy: Six-slice Touch-screen Toaster Oven, walmart.com, $129

To buy: One-touch Electric Kettle, walmart.com, $40

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