Dad books Premier Inn room with ‘sea views’ – but fumes after looking outside

A dad has slammed Premier Inn for a "misleading ad" as he checked into one of their hotel rooms for a holiday.

Roger Luke booked an overnight stay at the budget chain hotel in Swansea, Glamorgan, in a room that boasted a sea vista.

However, he was fuming as claimed entire hotel was a "construction site with no views".

Roger checked in to the room with partner Irene Blower for a post-lockdown trip last month.

The hotel's website claimed guests can enjoy a "sailor's life" as they hotel is "slap bang on the marina with views of the sea and surrounding hills".

It also said that those staying would be able to "enjoy the spectacular scenery".

However, the excited couple were left disappointed as they arrived at the Swansea Waterfront hotel on June 13.

They said they found the entire building wrapped up in white safety sheeting.

Roger said they thought they'd stumbled across a construction site and rang the hotel to ask where they should go.

However, the receptionist assured Roger, 69, and 62-year-old admin assistant Irene that despite the waterfront hotel being covered in scaffolding and a safety curtain they were open for business.

When the retired electronic engineer checked into the £35 room, he was horrified to discover the promised views of the sea and hills covered by poles and opaque netting – leaving the room "very dark".

He has argued he has the victim of "false advertising".

Despite a note on the website notes that there are "restricted views", the upset guest has argued it's misleading as there's "no view whatsoever".

Premier Inn has confirmed they had updated their website to make it "even clearer" that there were no views.

It now states rooms will have "obscured views from the windows as there is scaffolding to the exterior of the building".

Roger, from Maesteg, Mid-Glamorgan, said: "We've stayed in this hotel several times and when we got there I said to my partner 'We're in the wrong place, this is a construction site here by the look of it'.

"We rang them (Premier Inn) from the carpark to see if they'd purchased another hotel or if this hotel was closed but they said they were round the front.

"Of course then we could see the whole building was completely covered in this safety curtain.

"When we realised we were in the right place we were too far into it by then to say 'We're not accepting this' so we just went with it.

"It was ever so dark in the room. I complained at the desk and it was pointed out there was a note on the website right at the bottom of the page, about a restricted view.

"It's false advertising. You can't advertise a hotel with a restricted view when there is no view.

"My interpretation of a restricted view is when you open the window and there's a thin two-and-a-half-inch pole right in front of you, not a safety curtain all the way round.

The disheartened couple dumped their belongings and headed out into the sunny marina as they enjoyed a few drinks in the sun before heading back to their viewless room.

Dad-of-two Roger added: "What annoys me is that they're blatantly misleading people.

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"The advert on their website still stays there is a restricted view, it's very misleading.

"I said to the guy at reception that the hotel isn't fit for purpose.

"I think it's terrible (the way Premier Inn has handled this). They refunded me £16 plus VAT but no-one ever said 'you know what you're absolutely right, thanks for pointing this out'.

"We use Premier Inn a lot and that's why we're disappointed, we expected better feedback than that.

According to The Mirror, a Premier Inn spokesman said: "Our Swansea Waterfront hotel is undergoing essential refurbishment as our booking journey makes clear so guests are aware works are taking place on their planned stay date before they make the decision to book.

"We're always happy to receive feedback and are pleased to have updated our website to make this fact even clearer."

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