Couple enjoy first class on flight while sitting away from kids in economy

London-based father Samuel Leeds, 32, went viral on TikTok when he shared a video urging people not to spoil their kids. The father left his kids seated in economy while he relaxed in first class with his wife on the same flight.

In the video, Samuel films himself waving goodbye to his kids in economy and saying “see you later”.

He then walks past business class and returns to his wife who is lounging enjoying a luxurious meal in first class.

Samuel said that the children were seated with their nanny and urged people not to spoil their children.

One TikTok user described the businessman’s choice as “savage” while another said the behaviour was “very odd”.

@samuel_leeds Don’t worry, they were sat with their nanny ❤️ dint spoil your children #samuelleeds #richpeopleproblems #spoiledchild ♬ original sound – Samuel Leeds

TikTok user ‘blue222798’ said: “It has nothing to do with spoiling. Too young to understand. I want them to sleep well like I will be doing.”

Another user ‘michelleblundell2’ said: “No way. I understand the lesson but no way am I being that far away from my girls.”

However, some commenters thought Samuel had made the right decision and was teaching the children a valuable lesson.

‘Lindsay Sorensen’ said: “I am baffled by the people who have a problem with this. They have a nanny and are on a plane. The kids are getting to go on vacation as well.”

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Another user said: “I love this! Your hard earned money, not theirs. They need to learn to make their own. No excuses and this is a teachable moment when they get older.”

However, one user said they thought they had seen the little girl’s face drop when her father walked away and said the moment was “pretty sad” to see.

Another person added: “Big no. Bad mind you should want all you have, plus so much more for your children.”

In a follow up video, Samuel justified his decision by saying he wanted his children to make their own money.

Samuel said: “I’ll be d*****d if I spoil my kids. They need to understand the value of money. I’ll take my kids and I’ll say you see this house that we live in, Daddy bought that.”

He said he would then show his kids less nice houses and tell them that’s where they’d be living if they didn’t work hard.

The businessman said he didn’t want his kids to think that flying first class on a plane was first class.

Another TikTok user agreed with him and said they thought it was a “great lesson to teach your kids”.

Samuel said he thought the best gift he could give someone was opportunity, rather than money.

The topic is just the latest to go viral when it comes to plane seating. Recently, passengers have caused debate by saying they wouldn’t want to sit next to a child.

While some adults think the option of child-free flights is the way forward, airlines are unlikely to introduce the policy.

Seat swapping is also a controversial issue and some passengers have complained that fellow travellers have asked them to swap seats before departure.

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