Cheapest Mediterranean destinations to visit this summer

Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia are just some of the most-loved Mediterranean hotspots during the summer months but just one week away can set you back close to £1,000 for flights and accommodation. While they may be lesser known, there are plenty of other destinations you can travel to for a fraction of the price, according to the experts at Gambling ‘N Go.

According to a new study, holidaymakers should look beyond the most common tourist hotspots when booking a summer trip to the Mediterranean.

A spokesperson from Gambling ‘N Go said: “It’s always exciting to plan your next trip abroad, however, it can be a challenge to find a destination which offers various activities while on a budget.

“Fortunately, these top 10 cities have the best of both worlds as they have close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea as well as offering the city centre.

“So, whether you want to dine out by the beach, sit back with a beer, or explore the culture, you can do so in each of these cities without spending an eye-watering amount of money.”

To determine the “cheapest” destinations, financial experts at Gambling ‘N Go analysed the average cost of several factors in each major Mediterranean city, including flights from any London airport, hotels, and a mid-range restaurant for two people.

Countries located in North Africa stole the top spots with Oran and Algeria ranked as the most affordable beach holiday.

Oran, Algeria

The Mediterranean spot is often referred to as the capital of parties and music, with the low cost of a beer at just £1.04 fuelling the affordable nightlife scene.

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And it’s not just low-cost entertainment that tourists can enjoy here. According to the Gambling ‘N Go experts, return flights to Oran cost an average of just £87.

With a range of beautiful beaches surrounding the city, like Les Andaluz beach, there’s no shortage of scenery to enjoy after hopping on an affordable flight.

The peak season for good weather is in August and you can journey from London to Oran in just three hours and 46 minutes.

A financial expert said: “The city is famous for its seafood, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy the flavours of the sea – especially with it being the cheapest city for dining out with a restaurant for two costing just £10.80 on average.”

In third place is another Algerian destination. The capital, Algiers, is packed with museums where you can explore the culture, including antiquities and Islamic art.

Getting around the city is also incredibly affordable, with the average taxi journey costing just 30p per km travelled.

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, places fourth in the ranking, according to the Gambling ‘N Go team. They said: “One of the many attractions here is the Medina of Tunis, the oldest part of the city, boasting stunning architecture and markets to find souvenirs – and it’s the cheapest city for hotels, so you can stay here for an average of £333 for seven nights.”

Fifth on the list is Tangier in Morocco, also in Northern Africa. The city’s cheapest factors were the price of hotels and a restaurant for two, and there are plenty of places you can soak up the culture, by eating traditional Moroccan dishes such as maakouda.

Alternatively, you can spend the day under the sunshine at Tangier beach, and even finish the day off on the promenade where you will discover plenty of bars.

Top 10 cheapest Mediterranean destinations 

  1. Oran, Algeria
  2. Port Said, Egypt
  3. Algiers, Algeria
  4. Tunis, Tunisia
  5. Tangier, Morocco
  6. Alexandria, Egypt
  7. Izmir, Turkey
  8. Mersin, Turkey
  9. Antalya, Turkey
  10. Istanbul, Turkey

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