Cheapest long-haul holidays for Brits including Vietnam and Thailand

The cheapest long haul holidays for Brits include exotic destinations like Vietnam, South Africa and Kenya, according to new research.

The study by Post Office Travel Money looked at the cost of various common purchases while on holiday to find which destinations were cheapest.

As the pound is currently performing badly against other currencies data showed that many Brits were looking to go abroad somewhere that wouldn’t use up mountains of spending money.

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The Post Office looked at a total of 28 holiday destinations and the cost of items such as a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a three course evening meal for two and cocktails to find the cheaper hotspots.

It’s important to note that it does cost more to fly long-haul than short haul however, so if you’re looking to travel to somewhere far flung you can save money by opting for cheaper areas.

The Post Office found that Hoi An in Vietnam was the cheapest overall destination – as the cost of everything on the list from suncream to a glass of wine, insect repellant to chocolate bars came in at a total of £67.78.

Impressively, a bottle of local lager will cost you just £1.78 while a bottle of water was 49p on average.

Hoi An is a stunning historical town on Vietnam’s central coast.

It features a river surrounded by merchant’s houses, beaches and farmland and you can get stuck into bike tours, cooking classes and spot colourful lanterns lit up in the night.

The second cheapest destination was Cape Town in South Africa.

The study found that a bottle of beer will set you back £1.89 while a three course dinner for two with wine costs around £42.44.

Cape Town’s overall cost was £68.49 for all the common items listed.

The sprawling port city is surrounded by natural beauty from Table Mountain all the way to the clear waters of Table Bay.

There’s a fun nightlife and plenty of museums to visit – and we’d recommend listening to some South African jazz while you’re there.

Third cheapest in the study was Mombasa in Kenya which cost £77.41 for all the same items.

A glass of wine would set you back £4.19 while a three course meal was priced at an average of £47.79.

Mombasa is a coastal city with glittering access to the Indian Ocean.

It’s known as the “blue and white city” due to its white sands, blue water and unique architecture.

There’s plenty to do in the city from day trips to Kenya’s national parks to tours of the Old Town.

You can even head on a two day safari to see the wild animals of the country.

Also listed in the cheapest places to go was Tokyo, Japan, with an average cost of £81.63, Bali, Indonesia with £82.40, and Phuket, Thailand with £93.53.

The overall cost was compiled by looking at the average price of: a cup of coffee, bottle of lager, bottle/can of Coca-Cola, glass of wine, cocktail, small chocolate bar, bottle of still mineral water, suncream, insect repellant and a three course meal for two with wine.

The most expensive destinations were Bridgetown, Barbados, at £234.80, Santiago, Chile, at £190.89 and St John’s, Antigua, costing £179.16.

Cheapest long-haul destinations for Brits:

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam
  2. Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Mombasa, Kenya
  4. Tokyo, Japan
  5. Bali, Indonesia
  6. Phuket, Thailand
  7. Rio, Brazil
  8. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  9. Orlando, USA
  10. Penang, Malaysia

Always check the safety level of any holiday destination on the website before booking and ensure you follow all visa, Covid and local rules.


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