Campsite slammed for ‘prison’ rules including booze bans and £4-a-minute fines

Camping is a great way to get out in nature and explore the countryside. On top of being in the middle of the forests and fields camping is a far more budget friendly than other holiday options.

A pitch can cost as little as £5 a night. Whether you’re a couple or a family that’s far cheaper than a night in a holiday park, camper van or hotel and comes with fewer rules – for the most part.

It seems not all campsites are actually the cheap and easy option though. One Facebook user recently shared a shocking list of rules handed to her by an unnamed campsite which stated people could not use power banks, be one minute late to check out or drink booze around children.

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The massive list of restrictions seemed in opposition with most camping holidays that give you free rein. The list came along with a strict warning that a violation of the policies outlined would lead to a fine, confiscation of property or removal from the camp, reports the Independent. Yikes!

The snap was shared by Keely Ball in the group VanLife – UK. She added: “This sounds a fun place to be.”

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The letter began with a welcome stating "we are glad you are here". But, it didn’t seem like they were pleased that anyone had chosen the site. The first rule stated that any problems with the campsite must be stated "immediately".

The note said: "Please do not wait until you get home and let us know via a review on a third-party site. By then it is too late for us to help you with your situation.

"If you tell us right away, we can address it. If you wait until you get home and we find out via a third party about the issue, you will not be welcomed back."

Harsh! But, the rules didn’t end there. The note also stated that drinking and smoking on site was allowed – but only if everyone in the group was over 18.

It said: "If you have ANYONE underage in your campsite, even a tot, there is to be no drinking or smoking. Yes, even if the minor is not doing the drinking or smoking. If this rule is broken you will be sent off and will not be welcomed back."

After that, the campsite called attention to the "little dial with numbers on your car dashboard". It snarkily added: "This is a wonderful little device called a ‘speedometer’ and it tells you how fast you are going".

The rules stated that you could not go over a certain speed in the campsite – a first offence would get you a $50 fine (£38), but any further violations and you'd be kicked out of the site altogether. Lots of rule breaks seem to lead to a ban here.

Even campfire restrictions were very specific, with fires only permitted 7-10pm and having to be no more than 45cm tall. In case people weren't sure, they clarified that "this means 45cm not 46cm". The firewood also had to be bought from the campsite and any other wood was not allowed on pain of having your "campfire rights removed".

Guess that means no hot breakfasts are allowed. Plus, we’re not sure how you’re meant to check the height to the cm on a burning flame.

On top of the campfire rules were noise restrictions – which usually is reasonable so that people can sleep. But, the campsite went further than most in this regard.

The letter stated: "There is no noise of any kind permitted after 10pm. This means radios, talking, generators. Quiet whispering is allowed and encouraged."

They also said that you could listen to a radio with headphone only if you had permission from the campsite. If you break the rule you’ll be kicked out at dawn and not allowed back in.

Perhaps the most bizarre rule though said that there was to be "no charging of any kind on the premises". The site added: "This includes using a charger bank to charge".

If caught, they will apparently remove your charger! The strange rule might make the next one a bit tricky though.

The note said: "Checkout time is 11am shart" – we’re assuming that’s a typo for sharp. It continued: "Not 11.01, 11am. If you are past this time there is a $5 per minute charge."

So if you’re just 30 minutes late to leave unfortunately you’re looking at a $150 fine. Make sure you charge your phone for your alarm – oh, wait, you can’t.

Over 1,000 people commented on the bizarre list of restrictions. A man named Dean said: "I think prison has less rules". While another added: "Doesn’t mention anything against organising an escape party to tunnel your way out under the barbed wire fence and gun towers…"

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