Campers’ tips for the colder weather – ‘I survived the Beast from the East doing this’

Dame Helen Mirren reminisces on camping with Liam Neeson

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Camping became a very popular holiday option during the summer months. And campers are now braving the plummeting temperatures to continue their camping adventures during the colder months.

With so many Britons having embraced a camping holiday, first timers are having questions.

Thankfully, they can turn to fellow campers on social media.

Experienced campers are only too happy to share their knowledge, and when Facebook user Mike Gush asked how to keep warm this time of year, tips came thick and fast.

Mike said: “Taking our kids camping for the first time in a week (late October). We don’t have electric hook up but are taking two car batteries and a gas bottle. Site is in the Peaks and doesn’t allow fires. What are folks’ ways of keeping warm?”

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Tips ranged from the simple to the detailed.

User Julie Potts said: “Warm drinks and soups to warm you up.”

While Julie Trawinska recommended: “Hot water bottles if you can boil water.”

Tazzy Dee was all about layers: “Hats, layers and waterproofs.

“Trick is to stay dry. Insulate beds from ground up and have loads of layers on top too.”

And so was Ben Faulkner: “Long Johns and thermal vests. Get a base layer and layer clothes up.”

Mattresses, sleeping bags and blankets were also found to help.

Julie Ann said: “Insulate the top of your air bed, good sleeping bag, thermals, socks and a hat. I survived the ‘Beast from the East’ in the North Yorkshire Moors doing this.”

And Ruth Turner was a fan of blankets: “Lots of blankets, both under your beds and over.”

James Grew believed sleeping bags were enough: “High-quality, high-comfort rating sleeping bags.”

But Karl Fitzsimmons was in the air mattresses camp: “Good quality air mattresses are worth two sleeping bags.”

Some campers also gave long, detailed answers full of tips.

Julie Doswell wrote: “Keeping your feet warm is half the battle.

“An air bed will trap the cold air in and keep you dithering all night.

“Same with a camp bed because of the gap under the bed.

“Use a few thermal camping mats, wear a hat, thermals under your pjs and clean socks.

“Try not to stay in damp clothes as that’ll make you cold.

“Pack extra socks and jumpers, it’s better to have too many than not enough.”
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