Cabin crew says ‘ghost appeared and asked for tea’ – while body was in cargo

A flight attendant shared a paranormal tale that's infamous with cabin crew members.

She posted a "ghost" story about a passenger's late wife, whose body was apparently being carried in the cargo section at the time.

According to the legend, the spirit appeared and told an employee to make tea for her sleeping husband.

Sandra Kwon, who gained a large following on TikTok giving travel tips like picking the best seat in economy, said she learned about the chilling story from a cabin crew trainer during class.

She roleplayed the scenario for her 7.5 million fans, claiming the spirit of a female passenger asked the cabin crew for a blanket because she "felt cold".

The "ghost" also asked to make a "green tea with milk and sugar" for when her husband woke up.

Re-enacting the conversations, Sandra told the passenger: "You're finally awake, your wife actually asked me to bring you green tea."

The man found it strange and asked what did she mean when she said "your wife", to which she replied: "Your wife! I guess she went to the lavatory."

According to the story, he also realised there was milk and sugar in his green tea.

"Yes I'm sorry, is that incorrect? Your wife is the one that told me to do that for you," she continued.

But the man apparently explained that his wife passed away a week ago – and he was transporting her body home on the flight.

The flight attendant then said: "I'm sorry there was a lady sitting next to you and she said she was your wife and not to wake you up because you had a long week and to bring you a green tea when you do wake up and she was cold, she was chilly so I gave her a blanket."

And to that, the man said: "She's in cargo but I believe you, this is how I drink my green tea. I think she's just worried about you."

Many viewers found this story chilling but sweet, as one said they would have started crying if they were in her shoes.

"The wife, she's so sweet, hope she rests in peace," another wrote.

Some found it shocking that they could sometimes be flying with dead bodies on the flight.

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