Brits warned of Spain holiday rules including bikini ban

Spain is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations and although most visits are trouble-free, there are a few key rules to be aware of.

Britons will need to watch what they wear, how much they drink and where they light a cigarette.

Tourists could face fines if they break any of the rules which tend to vary between different areas of the country.

Local residents in several popular areas, including Barcelona and Majorca, have complained about tourist behaviour.

There have also been several tragic incidents where British tourists have lost their lives falling from hotel balconies. There are strict rules in place in Spain to prevent people from climbing on balconies.

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Topless men and women wearing bikinis could be fined if they do so away from the beach area.

Some restaurants in Majorca have banned clientele from wearing football shirts inside. Tourists will need to check the rules in their holiday destination.

Alcohol laws and bans

Although several Spanish resorts are popular party destinations, tourists will need to be aware of some strict rules on alcohol.

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Drinking in the street is banned in several areas of Spain and tourists are subject to a six drink limit in some destinations in the Balearic islands. 


Smoking is banned on several beaches in Barcelona, Majorca and Ibiza. There will usually be signs indicating the ban.


Spanish authorities can heavily fine people who engage in risky behaviour on balconies, including trying to climb between them.

It’s extremely dangerous and hotels can also be fined if clients are caught messing around on a balcony.

Soap and shampoo

Tourists can be fined for using soap and shampoo at some communal beach showers. This is because the products can be toxic to marine life.


Several destinations, including Alicante, are cracking down on excessive noise with tourists at risk of huge fines if they break anti-nuisance laws.

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