Brits warned not to make costly mistake on last day of cruise holidays

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    Brits are being warned not to make a simple mistake on the last day of their cruises – or risk potentially ending up out of pocket.

    It's natural to want to spend the last day of your holiday trying to maximise your time on fun activities, but there are some important checks to make before you disembark, such as going over your final bill to avoid nasty surprises, or claiming your winnings from the onboard casino.

    However, there's one factor that a lot of passengers can easily overlook, and it could be a waste of money, according to the travel pros at The Points Guy.

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    They warn: "Whether you pre-purchased onboard credit or it was included as part of your booking, don't let that money go to waste. If it's the last day of your cruise and you somehow ended up with more credits left than you can possibly spend on drinks, we suggest heading to the retail shops for a last-minute shopping spree! Now's the time to buy all the cruise ship's branded merch as mementos of your trip, or better yet, find souvenirs for friends and family back home.

    "Alternatively, you can see if the spa or the specialty restaurants have any last-day availability. Just be careful, or you might end up spending hundreds to make sure $20 doesn't go to waste."

    One couple who won't need to worry about the last day of their holiday any time soon will be Marty and Jess Ansen, who have booked 51 cruises back-to-back.

    The Aussie couple have already clocked up a whopping 455 days onboard Princess Cruises' Coral Princess – in some cases being there longer than the crew – and claim it's cheaper than a retirement home, especially with extra perks such as their meals and daily room cleaning being included.

    Marty told A Current Affair that the experience is a "wonderful life", and that the couple embarked on the adventure to "see the world, meet these people and make lifelong friends". He also joked that they've forgotten how to wash up or make a bed as they've become so used to staff doing it for them!

    While we can't all book years' worth of cruises in one go, if you are thinking of locking in a holiday then you may want to take heed of one expert's tips for bagging the best perks and cabins.

    Dave Mills, chief commercial officer of Iglu Cruise, suggested: "Do some cabin research. It’s no secret that some cruise ships are huge, and where your cabin is located on the ship is crucial. Bigger cruise ships often have everything from theatres, bars, restaurants and even nightclubs. Some people want to be close to the action, whereas others may want a quieter stay. You’re going to want to look at the deck plan and book a cabin that’s right for you."

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