Britons should be ‘prepared’ to pay £1,750 when returning from an amber country holiday

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The Government confirmed Britons who have received their COVID-19 vaccine will be allowed to travel to amber list countries for leisure this summer.

The new measure comes into place at the end of the month.

From July 19, double-jabbed travellers will be able to go on holiday to amber list countries without having to quarantine for 10 days on return.

Most European countries, including Britain’s favourite holiday spots, are on the UK’s amber list.

This means holidaymakers can now visit destinations such as Spain, Croatia or Greece.

However, travel expert and Head of the Points Guy UK, Nicky Kelvin, warned of the consequences of taking that risk.

He explained: “The latest travel announcement to come from the Government is a welcomed step in the right direction as the travel industry moves out of lockdown.

“As we’re all aware, the Government can make changes to the green, amber, and red lists at any time, which is why Brits should be mindful of the risks involved when booking a trip abroad.”

He continued: “Should a country move to the red list, travellers should be prepared for the incredibly high cost of hotel quarantine, which is £1,750 per person.”

Under the Government’s current travel restriction, an green or amber country can downgrade at any time and with very short notice.

He also explained that although quarantine is no longer required when returning from an amber country, travellers should take into consideration the costly COVID-19 tests.

“Even though this is positive news for double-vaccinated people, there are still costs involved when it comes to testing,” he said.

Britons will still have to pay for at least three PCR tests on their return to the UK.

“I recently returned from a business trip to the US, which is currently on the amber list and I had to have a test within 72 hours before returning.

In addition to that, he said “travellers will have to provide proof of their day two and day eight tests results, which cost roughly £90.”

“Another point to consider is that while British travellers can now easily travel home from amber countries, these countries may have restrictions in place on arrival.

“Countries such as Spain, France and Italy can change their rules for travellers coming in at any time, especially as UK COVID-19 infections continue to rise.

“If you are making a booking, my advice is to ensure that it is fully refundable or flexible and that you have adequate insurance.”

The travel expert also warned Britons should expect long queues when travelling to amber list destinations.

Travel representatives recently warned Britons could be queuing for up to six hours when going on holiday to EU countries this summer.

This is due to both COVID-19 checks and Brexit.

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