Briton ‘traumatised’ by her quarantine experience hopes the ‘inhumanity will end soon’

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Britons coming home from the newly reinstated red list once again need to quarantine in a Government managed hotel. While the need to protect the country from Covid and its variants seem clear, the toll managed quarantine takes on Britons coming back home cannot be overlooked.

Pelin yılbat flew to Turkey when her father’s health deteriorated this summer.

In a sad turn of events, Pelin’s father died and she was grateful to be able to attend the funeral.

However, “coming back to the UK was difficult”.

Pelin had one tip to give Britons considering travel in Covid times.

She said: “Don’t go if the country is on the red list. Don’t risk it. It’s exhausting financially and emotionally.

“I tried to get professional help after all the things that I have gone through. I couldn’t believe it. It’s unbearable.”

While Pelin believed it was not worth risking the need to quarantine, she also said travel was sometimes essential.

She explained: “In my case, I had to see my father and if people have that kind of emergency, of course they should go no matter if they need to quarantine on the way back.

“My hotel quarantine experience was bitter and traumatic but I’m glad I did go to visit my father, talk to him even if was not conscious and say goodbye to him.”

To make her experience more bearable, Pelin started a blog while in quarantine.

Titled Quarantine Hotel (a.k.a Prison), she wrote every day about her experience.

Her first day, she couldn’t go out, even as she had been told she was allowed to “go for a walk for 20 minutes three times a day”.

She explained: “We couldn’t go out because they said we hadn’t taken our Day 2 test yet.

“The place was full of people coming from Afghanistan, and they never had a test or were vaccinated. We had already done a test before the flight and were fully vaccinated in the UK.

“We waited for two days, because after the test, you have to wait for the results the next day. I freaked out always being in the hotel and not being able to get any fresh air.”

She also said the prison analogy was no mistake and recalled that “if you want to go for a walk, security comes to your door and accompanies you to the outside area. You cannot leave the room on your own at all”.

Pelin was traumatised by her quarantine experience, which made an already difficult situation, having just lost her father, even worst.

A couple of months later, she was changed by the experience.

She said: “Before quarantine, I sometimes wouldn’t go out if the weather wasn’t nice.

“Since then, I go out every day, rain or shine. I just need to go out and get some fresh air, because of the trauma.”

Her last blog post, dated September 7 read: “I hope no one will ever need to stay in a managed quarantine hotel and this practice will end soon.

“At least, hopefully we will get a proper explanation for this inhumanity.”

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