British expats: Portugal’s cheapest towns to buy a house – ‘quiet and beautiful’

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The property experts at idealista have analysed market data to find Portugal’s cheapest towns. British expats could move to Portugal using a golden visa.

Since the start of this year, the rules on Portugal’s golden visa have changed slightly to exclude some of the most popular areas.

Expats will need to pay more if they want to buy in areas such as Lisbon or Porto if they want a golden visa.

However, many of Portugal’s cheapest towns are in the centre of the country and there are some great bargains.

The cheapest town in Portugal was Fornos de Algodres where property cost an average of 169 euros (£143) per square metre.

An historic town with views of the Mondego river valley, Fornos de Algodres is a scenic spot.

With winding cobbled streets and a population of around 5,000, the town could be the perfect choice for expats seeking the quiet life.

The town is close to the gorgeous ‘Barragem do Vale do Rossim’ , a stunning lagoon in the mountains.

One recent visitor said on Tripadvisor: “It’s one of the most quiet and beautiful spots where you can engage with the sounds of nature and enjoy peace and stillness.

“It’s a place to go if you are looking for some quiet time away from the rush of the city.”

The second cheapest town in Portugal was Sernancelhe at an average price of 190 euros (£160) per square metre.

Located in northern Portugal, the town would suit expats who aren’t seeking constant sunshine.

Expats who want to embrace the traditional Portuguese lifestyle will be able to sample local delicacies in Sernancelhe.

The third cheapest town in Portugal was Vila Flor at an average price of 201 euros (£170) per square metre.

The northern town is sometimes known as the Portuguese ‘Capital of Olive Oil’ and is a great choice for foodie British expats.

The pretty town has an intriguing history and it is said that King Denis gave it its name in 1286.

King Denis visited the town on one of his travels and became enchanted by the local landscape.

He named it Vila Flor or ‘Flower Village’ and built a walled city to protect his favourite new settlement.

The fourth cheapest town for expats to purchase property in Portugal was Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.

Property cost an average of 204 euros (£172) per square metre in the pretty northern town.

Known for its castle, the town is surrounded by beautiful pine forests and rolling hills making it a peaceful spot.

The cheapest towns in Portugal (Idealista)

  1. Fornos de Algodres
  2. Sernancelhe
  3. Vila Flor
  4. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo
  5. Almeida

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