British expats find Portugal ‘incomparable’ with essential items ‘incredibly cheap’

Boris Johnson 'needs to step up for British expats' says expert

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Portugal is now the 64th most expensive country in the world, falling from 50th at the start of last year. With the UK becoming more expensive in the same timeframe, British expats are enjoying increased affordability in the south of Europe.

British expats in Portugal may be finding the country increasingly cheaper.

The widening gap between the British and Portuguese’s costs of living is starkly evident in day to day life.

The UK is now the 27th most expensive to live in the world, up from 28th last year.

It’s not likely to get better for Britons in the UK, with inflation at a record high.

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for British expats in search of sun and cheaper prices.

The country has always offered an affordable alternative to the UK.

As the data shows, however, Portugal has never been cheaper for Britons.

Portugal is the cheapest country to live in Western Europe, reports magazine Portugal Resident.

They said: “The estimated monthly cost of living for a family of four is around €2,869 (£2,464) and for a single person is €1,424 (£1,223).

“This makes Portugal roughly 30 percent cheaper to live in than the UK.”

British expat Kev said the country had “a decent and cheap infrastructure” which made getting around easy.

He said: “It’s so much cheaper than the UK, it’s pretty much incomparable.

“The biggest difference is the cost of eating and drinking. The pleasure of going out for a great meal doesn’t need to be a special occasion here and, as a foodie, I love that.”

Cheap food was also one of Becky’s favourite things.

The British expat said: “The thing I enjoy most about living in Portugal are the daily food markets – everything is so fresh, so tasty and most of it is incredibly cheap!”

She continued: “Fresh produce is much cheaper (and better quality) than back home.

“Away from the tourist areas a meal out, wine or a cup of tea/coffee is incredibly cheap but even in the tourist areas it tends to be a better price than England.

“Housing is also reasonably priced if you are happy to live away from the popular villages and towns.”

Properties in Portugal, especially the Algarve, are extremely popular with British expats.

Alda Filipe, Sales and Marketing Director at Kronos Homes said: “Property in Portugal is so much more affordable than it is in the UK and you get so much more for your money here too.

“The lifestyle is very different as well, with so much emphasis on outdoor living thanks to the wonderful climate.”

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