British expats: Best country in the world for retirement named – ‘high life expectancy’

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A new study from Gales and Phillipson looked at the best countries for British expats to retire to. The team focused on the Blue Zone index.

Blue Zones are areas of the world where people have low rates of chronic disease and live longer than anywhere else.

The five official Blue Zones are Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece and Loma Linda in California.

For the study, Gales and Phillipson also included destinations that had a similar diet and lifestyle to find the best spot for retirement.

A spokesperson said: “When it comes to retirement, people are considering a number of factors to determine which location to settle in.

“They’re looking for a place with a high quality of life that can also cater to their health and wellness needs.

“It’s likely that they have a sufficient retirement pot and are willing to invest it in securing a comfortable retirement.

“The top blue-zone like countries could be just what they’re looking for, as these areas pride themselves in having high life expectancy, good quality of life, and a great number of wellness facilities.”

The study looked at the happiness index, life expectancy, yearly sunlight hours, drinking water quality, air quality and the number of spas and wellness centres.

The best country in the world for British expat retirees was Switzerland which scored highly in many categories.

Switzerland has some of the cleanest air in the world as well as incredible mountains and forests to explore.

While it’s not the sunniest destination on the list, the average life expectancy in Switzerland is 83 years.

The second best destination for expat retirees was Italy which scored highly on yearly sunlight hours.

The average life expectancy in Italy is 83 and the Mediterranean diet is thought to be one of the healthiest in the world.

High in vegetables, fruits, fish and olive oil, many nutritionists are advocates for the Mediterranean diet.

Britons looking to retire in Italy could explore Sardinia, one of the original Blue Zone regions.

The stunning island has nearly 2,000km of coastline, colourful villages and guaranteed good weather.

The third best country for British expat retirees was the beautiful country of Croatia in southern Europe.

The Croatian diet is fairly similar to Italian cuisine and it’s easy for expats to follow a healthy lifestyle there.

From beaches to Croatia’s glorious national parks such as Plitvice, expats will find many amazing outdoor activities to keep them fit.

Best destinations for expat retirees (Gales and Phillipson)

  1. Switzerland
  2. Italy
  3. Croatia
  4. Greece
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Spain
  7. Cyprus
  8. Portugal
  9. Andorra
  10. Netherlands

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